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  1. I am trying to save cropped video capture to a file. It all works well if I don't crop using croppedFrame = new Mat(frame, cropArea); writer1.Write(croppedFrame); and just do this instead writer1.Write(frame); With the following code, a file is created on the computer but the size is only 6 Kb and I can't open it. What am I doing wrong. thanks! private void ProcessFrame(object sender, EventArgs arg) { Rectangle cropArea = new Rectangle(10, 10, 533, 400); Mat frame = new Mat(); bool validframeRecieved = camera1Capture.Retrieve(frame); if (validframeRecieved && validFrame2Recieved) { croppedFrame = new Mat(frame, cropArea); imageBox1.Image = croppedFrame; writer1.Write(croppedFrame); } }
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