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  1. Aw Oberon. Great idea! This is probably the perfect demographic too! I'm going to try this! Thanks so much :)
  2. Yeah. I mean I only started a couple weeks ago, but yesterday I gained 11 followers in an hour so I think I'm making pretty good progress. Small beans right now but I think it will happen :) As for code fox, I actually have an idea that I'm working on like this. I will read flash fiction and compile them into little albums for people to listen to :) Thanks for the support guys :)
  3. Do I know a proofreader?
  4. Thank you Oberon, that is precisely what I am doing here.    The issue is finding people to get into my stream and request like 6 lines of text. It's meant for small devs that are like "hey I think voice would be a fun addition to my pet project" Hopefully I am making sense. Been editing my bios and stuff all night and my brain is a bit fried :)    Today's stream went exceptionally well, however. And as Tom mentioned, it just takes a lot of grunt work to get attention to any corner of the industry. I am doing pretty well in that respect when it comes to paid work.. It's this niche of finding enough submissions to keep me busy for a full hour that's puzzling me haha.    For those still unclear here is a blog post kind of summarizing today's stream: http://www.elijahlucian.ca/2014/12/voice-acting-vensday-was-a-success/   Thanks again for all the recommendations. :)
  5. So I have been looking for places to promote my twitch feed where I take requests from indie game developers and record, edit, and post lines all live for 1-2 hours. Trouble is, it's very hard to find people interested. I figured since I'm handing out free work that is top quality (no ego, it's just a fact, I am a trained professional and I get paid to do this) I would have a line up out the door... But in reality it ends up being 1 or 2 people in an hour. And that's after almost an hour of promoting on social networks. Anybody have any tips where I can get the word to people in development that might want to try some voice in their project? I am not only doing this for self promo, but also because I like to give back to the indie and modding scene! I love the community and I regularly take part in game jams.
  6. ho - ly - shit. good thing i backed up[ last week!!!
  7. Strange. Been messijg with my site design so maybe I changed something lol. http://www.elijahlucian.ca/2014/12/ludum-dare-31/ Let me know your thoughts. :)
  8. All you nighthawks. Check out a few games that Kaela and I voice acted in! http://www.elijahlucian.ca/ludum-dare-31.php
  9. This last weekend was a blast, had lots of fun. Take a look and listen to a couple of the games I voice acted. http://www.elijahlucian.ca/2014/12/ludum-dare-31/ Let me know your thoughts :)
  10. wow so you downvote my entry for posting a tag that was a complete joke? please remove the stick from your a-- a bit of levity never hurt anybody. also, maybe you didn't read this, but I am offering this FOR FREE which means I can joke around a bit. I am not posting because I am desperate to give away my time, I am posting because I would like to help people out.
  11. Hey all, I am a voice actor and I am looking for projects to take part in, [REMAINDER DELETED BY MOD - Please use the Classifieds for this sort of thing]
  12. p.s. my email is elijahlucian@gmail.com
  13. hey everybody, I'm looking for a bit of practice with my voice acting, If anybody needs some work done, I will do it for free for a short spell, I can get you professional quality, but I'd like to work on my emotions a bit. here are a couple samples from a game i did some for (the script wasnt the best so i don't want to post them all...) http://www.evolucianmusic.com/voice/okherestheplan.wav http://www.evolucianmusic.com/voice/okletstrade.wav also if you guys could give me some reviews that would be great too.
  14. haha. or you can just put something wierd in like this... http://www.elijahlucian.com/music/games/atari.mp3