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  1. Where to find devs?

    Aw Oberon. Great idea! This is probably the perfect demographic too! I'm going to try this! Thanks so much :)
  2. Where to find devs?

    Yeah. I mean I only started a couple weeks ago, but yesterday I gained 11 followers in an hour so I think I'm making pretty good progress. Small beans right now but I think it will happen :) As for code fox, I actually have an idea that I'm working on like this. I will read flash fiction and compile them into little albums for people to listen to :) Thanks for the support guys :)
  3. Do I know a proofreader?
  4. Where to find devs?

    Thank you Oberon, that is precisely what I am doing here.    The issue is finding people to get into my stream and request like 6 lines of text. It's meant for small devs that are like "hey I think voice would be a fun addition to my pet project" Hopefully I am making sense. Been editing my bios and stuff all night and my brain is a bit fried :)    Today's stream went exceptionally well, however. And as Tom mentioned, it just takes a lot of grunt work to get attention to any corner of the industry. I am doing pretty well in that respect when it comes to paid work.. It's this niche of finding enough submissions to keep me busy for a full hour that's puzzling me haha.    For those still unclear here is a blog post kind of summarizing today's stream: http://www.elijahlucian.ca/2014/12/voice-acting-vensday-was-a-success/   Thanks again for all the recommendations. :)
  5. Where to find devs?

    So I have been looking for places to promote my twitch feed where I take requests from indie game developers and record, edit, and post lines all live for 1-2 hours. Trouble is, it's very hard to find people interested. I figured since I'm handing out free work that is top quality (no ego, it's just a fact, I am a trained professional and I get paid to do this) I would have a line up out the door... But in reality it ends up being 1 or 2 people in an hour. And that's after almost an hour of promoting on social networks. Anybody have any tips where I can get the word to people in development that might want to try some voice in their project? I am not only doing this for self promo, but also because I like to give back to the indie and modding scene! I love the community and I regularly take part in game jams.
  6. ho - ly - shit. good thing i backed up[ last week!!!
  7. had fun in the Ludum Dare Jam. voiced 7 projects

    Strange. Been messijg with my site design so maybe I changed something lol. http://www.elijahlucian.ca/2014/12/ludum-dare-31/ Let me know your thoughts. :)
  8. All you nighthawks. Check out a few games that Kaela and I voice acted in! http://www.elijahlucian.ca/ludum-dare-31.php
  9. This last weekend was a blast, had lots of fun. Take a look and listen to a couple of the games I voice acted. http://www.elijahlucian.ca/2014/12/ludum-dare-31/ Let me know your thoughts :)
  10. Voice Actor Looking for projects

    wow so you downvote my entry for posting a tag that was a complete joke? please remove the stick from your a-- a bit of levity never hurt anybody. also, maybe you didn't read this, but I am offering this FOR FREE which means I can joke around a bit. I am not posting because I am desperate to give away my time, I am posting because I would like to help people out.
  11. Voice Actor Looking for projects

    Hey all, I am a voice actor and I am looking for projects to take part in, [REMAINDER DELETED BY MOD - Please use the Classifieds for this sort of thing]
  12. looking for voice acting practice.

    p.s. my email is elijahlucian@gmail.com
  13. hey everybody, I'm looking for a bit of practice with my voice acting, If anybody needs some work done, I will do it for free for a short spell, I can get you professional quality, but I'd like to work on my emotions a bit. here are a couple samples from a game i did some for (the script wasnt the best so i don't want to post them all...) http://www.evolucianmusic.com/voice/okherestheplan.wav http://www.evolucianmusic.com/voice/okletstrade.wav also if you guys could give me some reviews that would be great too.
  14. background music for slow paced "3d pong"?

    haha. or you can just put something wierd in like this... http://www.elijahlucian.com/music/games/atari.mp3