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  1. I really wish it was standardized and had to be placed in one spot. Nothing is more annoying to me than having to search many folders for save games when I do a system wipe. I wanna be able to copy one folder and grab all my game saves etc to move
  2. moose517

    Game dev team sharing code

    Its called version control. Something like git or svn will do you wonders
  3. Why not use tortoise svn in that case. Free and space is limited to your hard drive capacity.
  4. that looks great, keep up the work!
  5. If your devices have gigabit ethernet they should auto-switch, thus eliminating the need for a crossover cable.     partially correct, auto-mdix isn't part of the gig standard however like 99% of gig devices do support it, not a guarantee though.
  6. moose517

    Level File Type/Format<

    i specifiy the width and height of each block for a reason ;)  I don't plan on having a grid like layout, i want to be able to create larger and smaller blocks and not have a specific grid of any sort with placement of them.
  7. moose517

    Level File Type/Format<

    Thanks for the advice guys!  I decided to go with format like samoth said, which is what i was leaning towards in the first place.  Now i just need to get tinyXML added to my project so i can actually load the XML file.
  8. So i've successfully created one game in the past and now i'm in the process of writing a breakout clone and one thing i want to do is actually have levels that are loaded from disk.  One thing i keep going back and forth on is how to store to the disk, or rather what file type.  Right now i'm considering XML and finding a XML parser(i don't even know how to use 3rd party libraries other than like DX XD).  I considered XML because i know its quite flexible, then it dawned on me i have no idea how to layout a good XML file.  Right now all thats going to be stored is the name of the level, and the blocks, with each block having an x,y, width, height, and texture file name.  Problem is i'm not sure how to store that in a way that makes sense.  Right now i have it like this <level>     <name>Level 1</name>     <blocks>         <block>             <x>0</x>             <y>0</x>             <width>20</width>             <height>10</height>             <texture>block.png</texture>         </block>     </blocks> </level> each level will have its own XML file that gets loaded at the start of a level of course.  But the problem i ran into is having more than one block of course.  should i instead be doing like block1, block2, etc instead of just block?  Thats whats confusing me.  I'm sure as i go there might be more stuff stored, but for now thats all i have.   I would really appreciate some responses and hope this is the right sub section.
  9. moose517

    TrackMania Wii Teaser Trailer

    that will be fun, played the crap outta the PC version but it fell off pretty quick :( loved all the servers setup with some pretty extreme but fun tracks.
  10. moose517

    Wrote a little tune

    i like the song, but taht tick tick, slightly to loud, was driving me mad
  11. moose517

    Squishy Intro

    looking good, i await the day you release this game to the public, i love world of goo and this has the same feel, would enjoy greatly :D
  12. moose517

    Early Weather, Film Grain, Brightness/Contrast

    looking good, like the new effect and i'm soooo glad you made the film grain effect setable, first thing i do in L4D is turn it all the way down LOL.
  13. moose517

    ATmega168 Tetris

    great work as usual ben, can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve, never fail to impress
  14. moose517


    i know this would probably be a bit more complex, but i would love to see a decent article explaining how to get resources into the game and usuable, like a content manager i guess. EDIT: or more i guess, how to load a level for instance, and then navigate around on that level, that has been the biggest thing keeping me from progressing further, i'm just lost on how to do it.
  15. moose517

    First person mode, new gameplay, and much more...

    hey i wasn't sure if you took the first beta offline or what, when i launch the game it loads to 100% then crashes back to desktop specs: intel T8100 2.1ghz mobile CPU nvidia 9500m GS with 512mb ram 4gb system RAM vista 64
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