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  1. The more I read about Wavinators design, the more I am loving it. Basically, it is turning into the game that I have always wanted to make or play. I really hope it's gonna make it off the paper. I would make it so that you interface with all this by simply having conversations/meetings with the NPCs ... so they would tell you how it is going, and you would give them advice and or orders. I also think that would make it feel more RPGish. Don't be afraid to blend genres. Specially not RPG and management ... they go so well together even though you get to see so little of it.
  2. Shadow President

    Anyone ever played this 1992 game? I fired it up yesterday and figured it should be fun to make somekind of clone, especially since it doesnt require a lot of good artwork (and we all know programmers suck at artwork right?) So I was wondering what people disliked about the game, what I should look to improve in the design if I do indeed clone it. Of course I have some ideas of my own (mostly regarding the interface) but I am interested in seeing what a "brainstorm-thread" might shed light on.
  3. Try looking for "Skeletal Animation" on Google. Realistic enough, and not so hard to grasp.
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