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  1. First Come-First Serve Software Giveaway

    Hi,   I'm quite interested in any of the RPG maker (preferably the latest).   Thanks.
  2. Buying a New Laptop for Game Development

    hi,   you might also consider including a big SSD hard drive, because those 2.5" hard drives are really slower than the desktop ones... and it might get frustrating on big development projects   (by the way, if I were you, I would pick a great desktop gaming computer for about 1200$ which would stay at home, and a decent laptop for game development for about 800$, and use some sort of cloud or vnc to syncronize development projects... or even an external usb hard drive ? ...but maybe I'm too stingy to buy a 2000$ laptop which will lost half its value each year ? )   anyway, don't forget that you might want to save money for unity licensing and graphic & audio resources (unless you do all by yourself or find a team).
  3. hi,   I'm rather new to SFML, but as I'm not sure of what the RenderWindow::clear() function does, I would rather use glClear(COLOR_BUFFER_BIT) in your Game::render() function. Or maybe put the RenderWindow::pushGLStates() before the RenderWindow::clear() ?   Hope it helps.
  4. basic GUI design

    I lacked time this week, but I managed somehow to design a simple GUI system :typedef void(*guiFunction)(void);typedef void(*guiFunctionKeycode)(char);typedef void(*guiFunctionObject)(guiObject&);class guiObject{public: guiObject(); virtual ~guiObject(); bool initialize(Game& g); void event(const sf::Event& ev); virtual void draw(sf::RenderWindow& dest) = 0; virtual void update(double dt) = 0; static void default_function(); static void default_functionKeycode(char code); static void default_functionObject(guiObject& obj); guiFunction onMouseOver = default_function; guiFunction onMouseNotOver = default_function; guiFunction onLeftClick = default_function; guiFunction onLeftHold = default_function; guiFunction onLeftRelease = default_function; guiFunction onRightClick = default_function; guiFunction onRightHold = default_function; guiFunction onRightRelease = default_function; guiFunctionKeycode onKeyPressed = default_functionKeycode; guiFunctionKeycode onKeyReleased = default_functionKeycode; guiFunctionObject onDrag = default_functionObject; // visibility bool isVisible(); void show(); void hide(); // focus bool getFocus(); void setFocus(bool f); // selection bool isSelected(); void select(); void unselect(); // position (origin is the center of the screen) void setPosition(const sf::Vector2f& p); void setPosition(float x, float y); sf::Vector2f getPosition(); // bounds void setLimits(sf::FloatRect& box); sf::FloatRect& getLimits(); // size void setSize(sf::Vector2f& sz); void setSize(float w, float h); sf::Vector2f& getSize(); // manual resize void setResizeable(bool enabled); bool isResizeable(); // drag n'drop void setDragable(bool enabled); bool isDragable(); void setDragArea(sf::FloatRect& d); sf::FloatRect& getDragArea();};class GUI{private: Game *_game; bool _mouseShown = true; std::vector _object;public: GUI(); ~GUI(); bool initialize(Game& g); std::vector& getObject(); void push(guiObject *obj); void pop(); void showMouse(); void hideMouse(); void event(const sf::Event& ev); void draw(sf::RenderWindow& dest); void update(double dt);}; Now that it works, I can focus on the tilemap generator.
  5. Let's start !

    Hello everyone, As I haven't coded for quite a long time, I'm starting a simple project. It will be a 2d turn based horror/hunting game, with an "Aliens"-like ambiance, with some roguelike-ish elements. I'll be using Code::Blocks for the C++ coding, Paint.net for the graphics, and Audacity for the sounds & music. Though I'm using Windows, I'll try to make it portable to Linux and MacOS. And I'd go for SFML this time. It seems bug free enough, and there's a project to port it to iOS and Android, which could become useful later. I will try to update this journal once a week, and I'd do my best to keep things simple.
  6. Hi,   I voted for the second one, because it's easier and takes less time to code.   To be honest, if it is for a complex game, I'd go for an event-driven solution, sending the actions to the objects via an event manager when an input event is detected.
  7. Your first game / programming project?

    It was a text aventure game in basic too, on an apple II.   It was a lot inspired by the "A thrilling fantasy adventure in which YOU are the hero" books I was reading (I was 7yo).
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