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  1. RivieraKid

    The Battlefield V "Historical Accuracy" Controversy

    when discussing the quality of a film within a particular genre it is assumed that everyone in the discussion is aware of what the movie sets out to achieve (to an extent). If you enjoy 80's action shooters over sharespeare you would not argue there are no good action elements to shakespeare and therefore it is bad in your opinion, it would just be that you don't enjoy it. If you cant differentiate between your own personal bias for different values that makes you a lousy critic. Being able to judge the important values for a given genre makes good objective criticism. You picked unimportant elements from SW EP IV to judge to make a point. It has the elements that a hero action adventure story should have. The focus on different characters is balanced. If the movie over analysed a single character that would have made other characters look obviously flat. It suspended disbelief. Now some people may disagree but they would have to give valid counter arguments before I would give a shit. Since the majority of the target audience enjoyed it for the stated reasons we can say the movie achieved what it tried. It didn't try to have deep characters so we can ignore that value regardless of any individuals preference. My wife says "terminator is a shit movie because its just about this dumb machine that tries to kill everyone". Its a crap argument because it doesn't consider the genre and aims of the movie. Just because I do not enjoy a movie does not mean I automatically label it as low quality. In fact, even when I do enjoy something, if I respect another persons critical film knowledge I would defer to them to tell me if that was a quality movie. There is a level of ability present when criticising art. It is not just 1 opinion vs the next. Going back to the Taken example - the pacing and choreography in 2 & 3 is significantly worse than in 1. This is a key element to this type of movie. We obviously would not judge these movies on storyline. We would not just the The Raid on character development or story either.
  2. RivieraKid

    The Battlefield V "Historical Accuracy" Controversy

    In school we read shakespeare and we were taught how to objectively analyse content. If a movie contradicts itself or is obviously lazy (with cited reasons) we can objectively say that it is bad for these reasons. If you are deciding that star wars is just a mindless action movie then i guess you could subjectively argue that the movies are good but most people expect star wars to be internally consistent and follow sensible character progression. A good critic should analyse a movie objectively. Which Taken movie is objectively better? 1 clearly, 2 & 3 are pants and if u were to argue that they were better it wouldn't be "my opinion is just as valid as yours" - you would just be a fool. We could argue subjectively which movie is better pulp fiction or reservoir dogs. That is a subjective debate which people confuse with the former. To lump everything in the subjective opinion category makes any debate pointless and devalues quality critical analysis. [edit] some examples to drive home the distinction "this movie sucks because it doesnt have any hot women in it" - subjective "this movie sucks because the acting is wooden, the bad guy has no motive and the protagonist has no progression/depth. The story also makes no sense. [Cited reasons for all bad points]" - mostly objective - you can argue against them with sound reasoning but you cant just say "well I disagree 😛, the explosions and women were great, cant wait for part2"
  3. RivieraKid

    The Battlefield V "Historical Accuracy" Controversy

    The Last Jedi 46% rating on rotten tomatoes ignores scores under 10% (or something 0/1 stars). I found an article/video a while ago that went through a random sampling of reviews and found the actual rating to be 22%. The reason these movies are considered failures is because each 1 is earning less and less. There is a clear downward trend. Basically - star wars has been riding on its legacy - there was no way on earth these movies could fail financially - ITS STAR WARS ffs. Compare star wars to marvel. Star wars should be taking a lot more and it should be sustained. Solo is barely projected to break even. I decided TFA was my last SW movie and others decided TLJ was their last. In a trilogy 1 & 3 should be the highest grossing movies, i think 3 will gross less than 2. It is not because of SJW's, its because they are shite movies - there are many objective reasons and you can subjectively ignore these if you want.
  4. RivieraKid

    Help with cryptocurrency?

    do you self assess? if not check and the capitol gains tax free allowance is £11,700 so if you are under that then you don't have to report it, i think.
  5. RivieraKid

    The Battlefield V "Historical Accuracy" Controversy

    the James Bond reference doesnt hold water. Are you going to shun every new star trek captain that doesn't echo the identical charisma of the old actor? What about charlie and the chocolate factory remake? No one is looking for identical portrayals of their favourite hero except the few old timers. Times changes, view points change and our favourite stories / characters evolve with them. Daniel Craig was very well received as James Bond. He brought his own style
  6. RivieraKid

    Communism 2.0

    there is the problem with verifying that people are actually doing useful work. If you are not receiving cash for your labour (for example - a baker being paid for their bread products) then it may be difficult to verify that this person is actually doing a sound job rather than running a mock up business that serves little to no value. There is a solution however - every person must be operate like a sole trader - keeping a balance of all "trades" and "services" (even tho there is no financial renumeration) so that the "taxman" can verify your work. Attempt to cheat would be considered as severe as tax dodging now. Here is another concept that is interesting (but has the same problem as above) that I thought up when understanding how the crypo currency bitcoin works. 1. The act of mining is considered useful 2. The minor is rewarded with new coins now consider 1. The act of building furnature is considered useful 2. The carpenter is rewarded with new coins (tokens/points) Any problem with this conceptually? This removes the need for the buyer to actually have money but still rewards the seller with tokens. Therefore nobody is truly "poor" but only those that do useful things will have special tokens for luxury items (ski holidays etc). Basics would not require any tokens to "buy" them but the basics provider would be rewarded. The balance of tokens would be kept artificially. Increasing token sinks when necessary and reducing rewards if too many people are doing the same thing in 1 area. The spare capacity of labour available after we close all the banks etc would allow communities to build housing and parks for themselves. Food production would need to way more localized than it is now. I don't think china will want to export their food to Europe under this model. Time to get your hands dirty! The major issue with any post capitalist society is that it requires all countries to agree. I fear a total collapse is required before this can work.
  7. RivieraKid

    Euclideon does it again...

    they were wearing AR goggles right? that is supposed to be impressive?
  8. RivieraKid

    The Battlefield V "Historical Accuracy" Controversy

    How many times does this need to be repeated. Studios are not including diversity to cater to SJW's. They are doing it to appeal to more demographics to increase sales. Is making food spicier to appeal to Indians catering to SJW's? This entire debate stems from the misguided belief that the entertainment industry is trying to persecute white men by portraying non white men in roles were white men were dominant before. Its BS. It is the result of market research and it has been shown to work.
  9. RivieraKid

    The Battlefield V "Historical Accuracy" Controversy

    I think the take away point from this thread should be reiterated. EA put a woman in the trailer to attract female players. End of debate. The reason ID made doom guy a white male is because most people who were interested in video games and owned a computer capable of player doom were white males. Had it been black women then Doom guy would have been back Doom woman. The same goes for recent star wars, its just a coincidence that those movies also stink. In the entertainment industry diversity == more money. Good content helps too.
  10. I am not sure about these. They take up a lot of space. The materials are always going to have a high cost and they don't solve all the problems and actually create new ones. For example, in Super hot VR i frequently end up crawling, even lying on my back to hide/shoot while avoiding bullets. A pad that can give u this amount of space would be prohibitively large and the floor tracking would really struggle to tell what is going on. The safety bar is always going to be either a) restrictive or b) in the way. Bang, ouch or crack. I haven't tried one but i suspect with a wireless headset the impulse to do a quick 180 to fight off an attack will be quite strong. I would be impressed if anyone could remain upright without a harness in a game of CS:VR (hypothetically) Movement on the spot with foot/knee tracking and/or arm movements can inform the game that you are walking/strafing/jumping without any of the above problems. I actually do pretend walking to help with motion sickness in the less comfortable games. It is best at a public arcade with limited space or for certain types of games but what will support for this look llike? I just don't see enough adoption / sales combined with developer targeting the device for this to ever take off. Even if the input is abstracted so the dev's do not need to code anything to support it, they still have to test it with the gameplay. Agree or disagree?
  11. i wasn't comparing realism. My point was that the technology behind a good vr experience does not come out of the box. It does take quite a bit of work.
  12. look at some demo's of upcoming VR games. They are laughably shit compared to this and it isnt because they don't know how a gun feels or what it looks like.
  13. RivieraKid

    Cryptocurrency in games

    I think cryptocurrencies actually fit the definition of a multiplayer game better than a currency. software to install many players rules winners and losers lots of clones uses gpu's unregulated bots if i said all those terms and asked you to tell what i was talking about you would say "multiplayer video game"
  14. RivieraKid

    Opinions on cryptocurrencies

    TL:DR except the first part. it is not about underlying value or any of that stuff you mentioned. If the euro has been introduced in the same way that any CC has been introduced it would have been pandemonium. Wealth would have been scattered around like houses on a monopoly board. CC's are the wild west, its dumb to think they can contribute to making society fair / balanced. Explain why the minority of computer geek should become super wealthy while hardworking trademen from east to west should have their local currency eroded because of electricity wasting elitist unregulated ponzi scheme. The least technical in society will be left with nothing. There will be riots and rightly so. For decades people will not complain about bankers, they will complain about computer programmers. If the end game is not mass adoption then I honestly don't see the point of even discussing it, it will popular as long as it is volatile. There arn't any scantily clad ladies trying to convince me on youtube to invest in the Swiss Frank or Dollars. That says it all. Blockchain clearly has potential but that potential has been hijacked by greedy arseholes.
  15. RivieraKid

    Opinions on cryptocurrencies

    there is no way CC's can become properly mainstream without giving average joe the chance to convert to the currency at a fair fixed rate. The more popular CC's become the more our traditional savings are eroded and wealth moves even more towards the haves an do-nothings in our society. i think we are moving towards a post scarcity world where money will be less and less of an issue. As jobless rate rises due to automation there will need to be division of resources (minimum income etc) to prevent poverty.
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