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    Decisions Made

    Oh well. Since you're doing it in XNA, I'll have to follow along while porting the code to SDL.NET.
  2. BenThereDoneThat

    Latest Thoughts on the MMORPG Project

    Quote:Original post by Alpha_ProgDes C# and if a game programming API has to be used -mdx 1.1. only because my laptop can't handle XNA (system specs too low). edit: after looking thru Wikipedia, there's the option of using the System.Drawing and System.Net libraries solely. again just a suggestion. Why not use SDL.NET and the SDL_net library? Then, he could use C#, be cross-platform, have it be relatively simple to learn, and my computer would handle it. :-)
  3. BenThereDoneThat

    Membrane Massare v2.0 Final Release

    Wow, I gotta say, you're awesome. I've been following this game for about ~2 months now, and I've been seriously impressed. You've accomplished in 5 months what most people on this forum do in a year or more.
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