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  1. BenThereDoneThat

    Questions about the debt discussions

    It's actually what mainstream economists would expect. This isn't the Fed messing with bonds (QE2 is over), it's fear in the market.
  2. BenThereDoneThat

    Questions about the debt discussions

    So would removing tax loopholes without increasing the actual rates. I would much prefer that we clean the tax code to increase revenue than to leave it in the state it's in and just charge more. Rich people and corporations will just keep using the loopholes/incentives as long as they are there regardless of their tax rate. [/quote] Agreed.
  3. BenThereDoneThat

    Questions about the debt discussions

    So many of these discussions break down into facts versus nonsense. Seriously: Hyperinflation is not a threat. Look at actual inflation, compared to historic rates. Government spending didn't cause this downturn, or today's market crash. Higher taxes would bring more revenue, we're on the left side of the Laffer Curve. If you look at Treasury yields, they're falling. Investors don't think default is a risk, as long as the government is allowed to borrow.
  4. BenThereDoneThat

    App developer gets screwed out of $55,000

    Basically. I just think that it their position, I'd be seriously kicking myself.
  5. BenThereDoneThat

    App developer gets screwed out of $55,000

    [color=#1C2837][color=#1C2837][size=2]Bullshit. Read the linked story.[color=#1C2837][/quote] [color=#1C2837] [color=#1C2837]Ahem: [color=#1C2837] [color=#1C2837][color=#444444][font=Helvetica,]Update: (and this one surprised us) you can’t remove apps from their store! You have to ask them for permission via an email. Every other store lets you remove apps from sale.[/font][color=#1C2837][size=2][/quote]
  6. BenThereDoneThat

    App developer gets screwed out of $55,000

    Not only could they not decline, but they couldn't even take the app off of the market... unless they can somehow work advertisement into the app, that's a lot of people to support for free.
  7. BenThereDoneThat

    App developer gets screwed out of $55,000

    This is just depressing. How would you react? Suing sounds too extreme. Not doing anything... That number just seems too big. Has anyone read the language of the agreement Amazon developers agree to?
  8. BenThereDoneThat

    Anyone want some free publicity?

    The article is up here for anyone who was interested.
  9. BenThereDoneThat

    Anyone want some free publicity?

    I'm looking to write a series of articles on independent/hobbyist made games for I'm like to do about one or two per week, so if you've got a project that's reasonably far along and want to get the word out (for selling or recruiting reasons, either is fine by me) send me a message here or email me at Basically, I'll ask a series of questions about your progress so far, if you've raised any funds, how many team members are working on the project, what platforms, etc. I'm fine with emailing the questions, but if you're really excited about your project I'd like to have a phone interview if possible. To moderators: I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum, this didn't seem like it necessarily fit in "Your Announcements" per se. Additionally, I pose this question: for those of you who've been on it, what's your opinion of Personally, I feel that the quality of the articles posted on the main page is superb, especially when contrasted with some of the bigger gaming sites nowadays (I'm looking at you, IGN).
  10. BenThereDoneThat

    Noob question about gamedev

    Neither Unity or C++ are required for game development. XNA is another option, as is pygame (using the Python programming language) or even Game Maker 8 (a simple tool that allows you to program some functionality if you want to.
  11. BenThereDoneThat

    Funding America's Partial Socialism

    I agree that we need to look at common sense changes to the tax laws that increase revenues in smart ways. For instance, Republicans saying get rid of capital gains taxes are obviously just working for the rich. Owning stocks does nothing for society, so wealth made from it should probably be taxed. Bonds, on the other hand, give the government and companies the capital they need to function. So why not lower taxes slightly on bonds, and increase them slightly on stocks and dividends? The way I see it, this would move many people's portfolios towards bonds, which would cause interest rates to fall as demand soared. This, in turn, would make it cheaper for the government to finance stimulus work and get credit back into the system.
  12. BenThereDoneThat

    My iPhone Story/Success - Bar Star

    Quote:Original post by _walrus Also i wouldnt recommend quitting your day job to make a game. it's a really competitive marketing. i think we succeeded because i was able to pull in all my contacts, and also industry exp has helped as well. That's a pretty bold move, quitting like that. How many years experience did you have making games professionally? And do you think you would have been able to do this before now, had you wanted to?
  13. BenThereDoneThat

    My iPhone Story/Success - Bar Star

    Congratulations! I agree though, could you please post back in a few weeks to tell us about all the money you're making? :) I'm trying to determine whether buying a used Mac mini for iPhone development would be a smart purchase. Seeing you making the big bucks would give me a push towards yes, even if making as much as you is probably not likely.
  14. BenThereDoneThat

    World Cup 2010

    As an American, this seems to be a great year to start following the World Cup. Of course I've heard of "Bend it like Beckham", but some of these guys are just amazing...
  15. BenThereDoneThat

    What's your opinion of the 3DS

    Ars Technica seems to think it works well. Personally, I'm going to need to play an in-store demo before I make any purchases. Although, I do admit that watching 3D movies on this thing seems like a bargain compared to watching on a $5,000 Sony 3D TV, even with the small screen.
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