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    [java] Project Ideas

    Make yourself a networked poker game.
  2. I know, aren't they great?
  3. ShotgunNinja

    [java] Game Engine Development in Java?

    Wow, first off, thanks for the fast replies. Second, although I haven't explored either of these just yet, JavaFX sounds interesting enough to check out, and I'm definitely going to give jPCT a look-see. Plus, I think it'd be very cool to be the first to implement a JavaFX-based game engine, if what you say is true. Also, when you say "3D is coming", what do you mean? About how soon should I expect it to be implemented, and what are the plans for it?
  4. Isn't this the Java forum? Java and javascript are two totally different things (with the exception of Rhino, possibly...) Just letting you know, I'm not sure of the policy on this forum, but I've seen cases in other BBS where posting a javascript-related question in a Java forum ticks some people off. Just a fair warning.
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