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  1. Happy New Year! To start it off well, we are finally bringing you some gameplay screenshots. Enjoy! [b]And so the game begins...[/b] [img][/img] [b]It is good to be the king![/b] [img][/img] [b]One down, five remain. Who will win the crown?[/b] [img][/img]
  2. [size="2"][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif][size=2][size="2"]We were hit by a slight delay in publishing the last episode of Meet the Court, but it's here and we can all find out what happens when kings get mixed up with conspiracies.[/size][/size][/font][/size][size="2"]We are working hard to finish the game in the near future and we are happy to report that the musical score for the game is ready and art is not far from being finished. The game itself is tested, as we speak, and will be polished until it's sparkling ;) Gameplay is coming soon, technically lurking around the corner. We will be starting with gameplay stills, but videos will follow shortly. [/size] [b][size="6"]Meet the King[/size][/b] [size="2"][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif][size=2][size="2"][size="2"][b] [/b][/size][/size][/size][/font][/size] [size="2"]There are only two kinds of kings: those who were born to take the throne and those who claimed it. Neither of these paths guarantee a strong and wise ruler, but they do give the king the absolute power to rule the realm as he pleases. Even if heads do not roll every Monday, the monarch will face waves of enemies from within and abroad. Even if he does not bathe in blood, there will be some, who will try to murder him, probably in an inventive and cruel way. The weight of the crown is not to be taken lightly. It can easily become a burden that may bring even the most able of men down. Will the king have enough strength and wisdom to wear it or will history remember him as a terrible tyrant or a clumsy fool?[/size] [color="#1C2837"][font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif][size=2][size="2"][size="2"][font="Arial"][size="2"][left][img][/img] [/left][left] [/left][/size][/font][/size][/size][/size][/font][/color][i]A battalion of trumpets finished playing final, triumphal notes of a proud melody, as the early morning sun was shining through the windows. Even before the last sound faded away, the royal secretary announced the king's approach. "His Majesty, Alexander, first of his name, Protector of the realm and its people". Every single person present in the audience chamber stood up and faced the throne. As the king entered, pulling a long cloak made of the finest velvet and furs, everyone, save for the king's guard, fell to their knees to honour their sovereign. Lord and ladies in front rows did not miss to notice that the monarch was not exactly in a good mood. In fact, his face was darkened with wrath. When his majesty finally sat on the throne, most people in the room realised that the chance of having a decent breakfast, away from the royal dungeon, decreased drastically. The king's voice met nothing, but silence, when it came out like a thunder. "Council members, come before me at once.". Several men seated in various places around the king approached. There came the always anxious minister Termole, closely followed by ever vigilant general Raynald. Out of the shadows came cardinal Razarin. Baron Valefort left his group and strolled towards the king, as did the young prince Nicholas. All of them lined up a short distance away from the king. They were met with king's attention and anger. Everyone in the chamber held their breath, as the monarch was about to continue his speech. "You are all traitors. Plotters. Backstabbers!". Drops of his majesty's spit reached the accused group. "You dared to plot against me? Your king?! You shall pay the price. Off with their heads!". Panicked and surprised cries erupted from the line. Some of the courtiers shouted, pleaded with tears rolling down their chins. Others stood silently and only their eyes expressed how shocked they were. As the guardsmen pulled them away, the king's voice thundered one more time. "Wait". This single word brought hope. Was the king going to reconsider their sentence? Was he going to spare them? "My son". The king looked at prince Nicholas. "Yes, father?". "I have decided to change your fate. Not only have you betrayed your sovereign. You conspired against your father. You are no longer my son and the heir to the throne. You shall hang like a common thief. Take him to the gallows". The few remaining colours on prince's round face faded away, leaving only an expression of pure horror. He tried to mumble something, as he was carried away. Alexander was used to tough decisions. The future of the entire realm rested upon his shoulders. He knew that at least one of the people he sent to die today was innocent. Or maybe two. Or perhaps more. However, he did not have a choice. Someone from the council was plotting to have him killed and this plan was close to fruition. He could not let that happen. Even, if it required him to sacrifice his son. The king's justice had been served. Alexander was not happy, but he was pleased that this ill matter was over. However, he failed to notice that his jester was about to pierce his royal neck with a rather sharp dagger.[/i] [font=arial, verdana, tahoma, sans-serif][left][size="2"][color="#1c2837"][i][img][/img] [/i][/color][/size][/font][/left]
  3. Small delay with this week's Meet the Court final episode! It will appear tomorrow and feature a bonus to make up for the longer wait
  4. [size="2"]The work on Intrigue continues and we are quite optimistic about dates and such. We should finally be showing off gameplay around the time we release the last episode of Meet the Court, which is going to be next week! [/size] [b][size="6"]Meet the Baron[/size][/b] [size="2"][size=2][size="2"][size="2"][b] [/b][/size][/size][/size][/size] [size="2"]Kingdom needs a king, but a king needs vassals to rule over. Without their support, his reign could be short and end quite painfully. What better way to gain such followers than by awarding them lands and proud titles, giving them great influences and trusting them with raising an army, should it be needed to defend the realm? That is how noblemen are made. Some may even rise higher by offering special services to the kingdom, making friends at the court or by cunning intrigues. Baron is one of the few who worked his way to the king's side with all of these means. As the most powerful aristocrat in the country, he does not lack coin or swords. Truth be told, the only thing currently out of his reach in this world is the crown. Will he follow the lust for power and turn against the king to take it for himself? Or will he prove to be a man of honour, respecting feudal laws and his liege?[/size] [color="#1C2837"][size=2][size="2"][size="2"][font="Arial"][size="2"][left][img][/img] [/left][left] [/left][/size][/font][/size][/size][/size][/color][i]The smell of burning candles, made from the best bee wax in the entire kingdom, filled the chamber. A few groups of people were present in the room, keeping a safe distance from the vacant golden throne, watched over by two knights of the king's guard. One of these groups was gathered around a well built man, dressed in exquisite garments, flashing a number of rather large gems on his very gold rings. He was not the king, but someone unaware could have taken him for one. His posture, his voice and glare - all of them suggested power and the will to use it. Those understanding the balance of power in the kingdom knew that the man in questions was baron Valefort. Some whispered he was the second most powerful man in the realm, right after the king himself. Valefort never denied these rumors, neither did he confirm them, not to risk the king's wrath. It took him years of efforts, loyalty, taking part in his majesty's wars and loaning the crown handsome amounts of gold to win a place behind the throne. Listening to all those lickspittles grouped around him made him sick, but he understood he needs them and a little bit more time with them to fulfill his ambitions. "They say I am the second most influential man in the land. I know that not to be true. I am the greatest and they will find out soon enough". Thoughts like that have helped him, since he became the member of the court. He was barely able to stand other courtiers, especially the obnoxious prince Nicholas and that old fool Raynald, who always looked at Valefort, as if he was a traitor. His relations with the cardinal and the minister were not much better, but at least they were able to reach a certain understanding. As to the king... it was a long story. A story which, as Valefort was well aware, would end soon and not with a happy ending.[/i] [left][size="2"][color="#1c2837"][i][img][/img] [/i][/color][/size][/left]
  5. I'd recommend a CS degree, like the few of my predecessors. It gives you the knowledge and skills, which are essential for game development, but also do not restrict you to game development in any way. It is always useful to have a back door in case you don't get a gd job immediately after graduating. As mdwh noted, it is also better to formally learn about the foundations and underpinning of modern software development (and generally computing science), rather than focussing on a specific technology, which might be forgotten in a few years time. Either way, be prepared for further studying, as computing and game dev evolves In terms of recognising academic record, you'd think it's always for your benefit, but it's not. If you apply to a professional studio, which is interested in your development as an engineer, they will be more than happy to take a look at your academic results (especially if you are a fresh graduate and have little experience) and consider good grades a big plus. Better yet, they might support you in your further studies - for instance, I am doing a PhD in CS and my previous gd employer was quite helpful and interested in my research. However, I also had the misfortune of applying to a studio, where my higher education was considered a bad thing and I was told that my efforts to earn a PhD are certain to make me arrogant towards those members of the team who do not have a uni degree. Nice way to start an interview... if you do happen to run into people like that, steer far, far away.
  6. [size="2"][size=2]We're not quite done with Meet the Court! This week's star is the Minister![/size][/size] [b][size="6"]Meet the Minister[/size][/b] [size="2"][size=2][size="2"][b] [/b][/size][/size][/size] [size="2"][size=2][size="2"]A monarch may be wise and educated, but the knowledge and wit of one man is not enough to rule a kingdom. It also requires competent people who are ready to take part of the responsibility for the country from their liege's shoulders. If it was not for the minister, the king would stand alone against the tide of decisions and plans to make. Apart from providing advice to the ruler, the minister also heads the royal council, which makes him a well connected and positioned member of the court. Some fear his counsel might be foolish or intentionally false, in order to manipulate the king. Indeed it might be, but for the time being the kingdom is still intact and prospering, so the minister's ambitions may well be to assist his lord, instead of using his influences for personal gain. [/size][/size][/size] [color="#1C2837"][size=2][size="2"][font="Arial"][size="2"][left][img][/img] [/left][left] [/left][/size][/font][/size][/size][/color][i]Dark corridors of the royal castle have never felt so grim, as they did this night. Even seeing armed guards, posted on every corner, gave no comfort. On the contrary, someone paranoid enough might have thought that one of them is a traitor, just waiting to drive a spear through the chest of an unlucky loyalist. Minister Termole was among those cautious folk who kept eyes around their heads and preferred to stay out of trouble's way. However, he was well aware that something was not right and was determined to stop it, before it could hit the royal court and do some serious damage. He was hurrying towards the king's chambers with some disturbing news about the kingdom's neighbours. It seemed that they had a hand in a conspiracy that was soon going to leave the country without a king. Plots were not rare, but this one was different. This one could work. Termole himself had a hand in organising several attempts on the monarch's life - some of them to get the enemies of the crown and Termole's rivals out in the open and arrest them, others to actually dispose of the king he really loathed. He never succeeded, since he took every precaution to keep his doings secret, as revealing his part in an intrigue would cost him dearly. If this new conspiracy was to be concluded with the king's death, years of Termole's efforts would be in vain and his head would find its way to a silver platter or quite a sharp spear, depending on the sense of humour of whoever took the throne next. Unfortunately, most throne usurpers were known for their tendency for cruel japes played on their enemies...[/i] [left][size="2"][color="#1c2837"][i][img][/img] [/i][/color][/size][/left]
  7. [size=2]As usual, this week's star is another courtier - the General![/size] [b][size="6"]Meet the General[/size][/b] [size="2"][size=2][b] [/b][/size][/size] [size="2"][size=2]A good soldier, trusted war companion of the king and his loyal aide. He fought for the crown in great wars and local conflicts. He stood behind the throne in times thick and thin. His allies look up to him and learn from his experience and his enemies respect and fear him. Without a leader like that, the king's army could never be the backbone of the monarchy and a force able to keep the royal lands at peace and the crown's enemies at the kingdom's gates. But is the general a good addition to the court? He is a man of action, used to the battlefield and the fact that foes await on its other side, rather than behind your own back. Is he capable of avoiding traps and manipulations of other courtiers? Will he stay loyal to the king if he happens to discover any dark secrets, hidden behind the throne?[/size][/size] [color="#1C2837"][size=2][font="Arial"][size="2"][left][img][/img] [/left][left] [/left][/size][/font][/size][/color][i]Several crows cawed and fluttered theirs wings quickly, fleeing from a sudden explosion of noise, coming from the castle barracks. A line of well equipped guardsmen left the building and marched through the courtyard. If it was not for the noise, one might have not known they were even there. It was already dark and even a few dozen braziers and torches were not enough to defeat the darkness billowing the castle. Those who noticed the commotion could not help but wonder why so many soldiers were sent out to guard the area this night. Although muffled, the marching sounds reached one person who knew all too well the reason behind these precautions. General Raynald raised his eyebrows, while reading one of the recent report. He did not even realise his right hand went up to his giant moustache and started scratching it gently. He always did that when he was worried and this was not going to be a calm night. One treason led to another and it seemed that the last plot discovered within the castle walls stirred up a conspiracy hive. General decided it was best to take personal command of the royal guard for the coming days, as none of the commanders stationed at the castle could be trusted completely. "Every single one could be involved in the web of plots, covering this entire castle... the entire kingdom...". King's life was at stake here, as much as the country's future. Raynald was certain that his motherland would not survive a turmoil, caused by the king's death. Especially a violent one...[/i] [left][size="2"][color="#1c2837"][i][img][/img] [/i][/color][/size][/left]
  8. [size="2"]Yet another update to Intrigue! We've released a few more details about the game, nicely spelled out as a feature list.[/size] [size="5"][b] [/b][/size] [size="5"][b]Features:[/b][/size] [size=2][b] [/b][/size][list][*]Dynamic 2D strategy with a board game feel[*]Turn based gameplay filled with plotting, coups and revolutions[*]Beautiful, hand drawn 2D art that will set you in the right mood to win the crown[*]Original music score and dynamic audio system, adapting to the situation in the kingdom[*]Enjoy short, fast-paced sessions of Intrigue or spend as much time as you need to defeat your rivals[*]Play as one of the six unique characters with individual abilities, goals and ambitions[*]Act aggressively and challenge your rivals openly or operate behind the scenes to undermine their influence[*]Devise a new plot every time you play - gain support, negotiate, steal, fight, earn gold, bribe, assassinate, betray and do all that is necessary to be the last man standing![*]Fight alone against computer opponents or challenge your friends to a local (hot seat) or online battle for the throne[*]Intrigue will be first published for Microsoft Windows, but versions for other platforms will follow shortly![/list]
  9. The Meet The Court series continues this week, introducing yet another character - the Cardinal! [b][size="6"]Meet the Cardinal[/size][/b] [size="2"][b] [/b][/size] [size="2"]A dedicated servant of the higher power and all the godly people of the kingdom, the cardinal is as much a spiritual leader, as he is the grey eminence at the royal court. His position as the royal advisor puts him in the king's inner circle of trust and gives him all the influence he needs to control the court. His peaceful appearance and prayers may be misleading, but his head is full of secrets and plots. Not many dare to challenge him and those who tried spent the rest of their days rotting in castle dungeons. The wiser members of the court have learned not to underestimate the saintly man and anticipate that he is always two steps ahead of them. Will the cardinal use his influence and power to become the kingmaker and manipulate the kingdom for his own ends? Or will he guarantee its safety and prosperity?[/size] [color="#1C2837"][font="Arial"][size="2"][left][img][/img] [/left][left] [/left][/size][/font][/color][i]The end of the day was near and hardly any man was left wandering the streets. The music of the city life was fading away, for the night. This went unnoticed by the resident of the north tower. Even though there was still some daylight left, half a dozen candles were lit in the tower, casting soft shadows on the floors covered with Persian carpets. The flickering candle light was the only companion to his excellency, the cardinal, who was immersed in his evening ceremony. Ever since he became an advisor to the king, cardinal Razarin always concluded his day with a prayer. Many knew that, but none of them realised this particular prayer was answered. It would be foolish to assume that the voice coming from the copper pipe in the wall was divine at all, but it most certainly provided enlightenment. Just the day before, it informed the cardinal about the scheme of prince Nicholas, which was likely to end the present status quo enjoyed by the kingdom and the royal court. "Foolish brat..." - thought Razarin, rising from his knees. If it was not for him, Nicholas would have been exposed just like the rest of his power-hungry associates. The cardinal prided himself on being a patient collector. By not revealing the prince's involvement in this ill-matter, he just gained a very exquisite addition to his collection. One that he could use if Nicholas ever decided to interfere with his plans...[/i] [left][size="2"][color="#1c2837"][i][img][/img] [/i][/color][/size][/left]
  10. Happy Halloween! We're celebrating this day by releasing the first installment of Meet the Court series for Intrigue. Each week, we will be introducing one of the characters involved in plots at the royal court. Today you will meet the Prince... [b][size="5"]Meet the Prince[/size][/b] [font="Arial"]Born in the royal family as the first son and the heir to the throne, the prince is used to enjoying his privileged position and a joyful life of pleasures. Wine, women and song may be all that he cares for, but as a grown man, with his own ambitions, plans and a unique relationship with the king, the prince is a significant figure at the court. His support or the lack thereof may be more than enough to shift the balance of power and throw the kingdom into chaos or make it stronger. Will he follow his lust for power or the respect for his father? Will he be the king's most loyal and trusted ally or perhaps the greatest threat to the monarch's power?[/font] [font="Arial"][img][/img] [/font] [i]It was a sunny afternoon of a cool, Autumn day. Winter was near and barely any leaves were left on trees in front of the castle wall. It made it easier for peasants to spot several figures hanging lifelessly from the creaky branches. Very few of the simpletons were able to read, but all of them instantly understood the message scribbled on each hanged man's chest - this is what happens when you betray your king. Prince Nicholas was not bothered by this grim scene. In fact, he was quite amused and joked about it with a few of his aristocratic friends over a glass of old wine from the king's cellar. "After all this is what you get, if you play the game and be clumsy enough to get caught" he thought. Nicholas considered himself to be a seasoned player. Everyone knew him as a good son to his father, an able young man who would take the throne one day. The truth was that he wanted to wear the crown sooner than later. And the great part of it was that no one realised how much he wants it and how far he is willing to go to make it happen... well, no one except those unlucky bastards decorating the trees. "The game continues" he smiled while sipping liquor from his goblet.[/i] [i][img][/img] [/i]
  11. [quote][color=#1C2837][size=2]This is a very interesting idea for a game! Let me know if you need game music or sound effects for it, I'd be honored to be apart of a project like this [/size][/color][/quote] Thanks, we're glad you like it! We do have a musician for Intrigue, but in case we need an extra pair of hands for audio now or for another project, we'll definately give you a shout!
  12. [left][center][media][/media] [/center][/left] [color="black"][font="Arial"][size="4"][b][center] [/center][/b][/size][/font][/color][color="black"][font="Arial"][size="4"][b][center]Do you have what it takes to take the throne? Choose your pawns and let the Intrigue begin.[/center][/b][/size][/font][/color] [color="black"][font="Arial"][size="3"][left]Intrigue is a compact turn based strategy game about the members of the king's court, competing against each other for influence, gold, fulfilling their agenda and ultimately - the crown.[/left][left] [/left][center][left][img][/img] [/left][/center][/size][/font][/color][size="2"][center][left][right] [/right][/left][left][right] [/right][/left][/center][/size][color="black"][font="Arial"][size="3"]Fill the role of one of six, unique characters with individual abilities, goals and other traits . Choose to become the king, with much power, but also backstabbers following your every step, or join the ranks of his courtiers and play as the prince, the general, the minister, the cardinal or the baron. Despite of whom you decide to lead into struggle, each time you play you will have to construct a new, elaborate plot to defeat your opponents. Every game will require you to adapt your strategy to your rivals and the situation in the kingdom by gathering gold and supporters, confronting your foes openly and secretly and practicing the art of diplomacy.[/size][/font][/color] [size="2"][center][right] [/right][/center][/size][color="black"][font="Arial"][size="3"]Intrigue is an innovative game, requiring both strategy and cunning to outsmart your rivals and defeat them in the race for the crown. The gameplay is based on dynamic scenarios and addictive, intuitive rules, which set you up for hours of fun. [/size][/font][/color] [font="Arial"][b][size="3"]Status[/size][/b][/font][font="Arial"][size="2"][b] [/b][/size][/font] [font="Arial"][size="2"][b][img][/img] [/b][/size][/font] [color="black"][font="Arial"][size="3"]Intrigue has been in development for a couple of months now. It's looking great so far and getting better every day. We are anticipating that the Windows version of the game will be finished before the end of the year and released soon after, targeting digital distribution channels. We will be sharing progress updates on our webpage, Facebook and Twitter, so make sure you follow us to get all the news![/size][/font][/color] [font="Arial"][b][size="3"]About us[/size][/b][/font] [img][/img] [font="Arial"][size="3"][color="black"]Robot Gentleman Studios is a fresh addition to the creative world of indie game development, inspired to create fantastic and innovative games that you will never forget. Its ancient roots can be traced to two fine gentleman (not robots, though). The idea was first conceived by Dominik "Domx" Gotojuch, who always loved games and his experience at Lionhead Studios as a gameplay programmer took this passion even further. His software engineering skills were soon to be complemented by a talented and creative artist Jacek "brc21" Nowacki, who came all the way back from Amsterdam to take part in Robot Gentleman's first project! The efforts towards developing Intrigue were further reinforced by cooperation with a pro[/color]fessional musician, with over three decades of experience in theatre, musical and film projects.[/size][/font] [b][font="Arial"][size="3"]For[/size][/font][/b] [color="black"][font="Arial"][size="3"]Hope you liked this early pitch for the Intrigue and got interested. We will be revealing further details regularly, until the release of the game in a couple of months. If you want to stay up to date, visit us at [url=""][/url] check our facebook profile at [url=""][/url] and follow us on twitter at [url=""][/url]. If you would like to support the project, stop by our RocketHub profile at [url=""][/url] and fund us. There are some great rewards just sitting there, waiting for you![/size][/font][/color] [color="black"][font="Arial"][size="3"]Now, for some brief technical background: the game is being developed using C# with XNA, using our own "engine", plus some third party libraries. The game is going to be a 2d title with unique, custom art. The first version released will be the Windows version, but ports to other platforms are planned to follow shortly. [/size][/font][/color] [color="black"][font="Arial"][size="3"]If you have any questions about the game, be sure to ask and I will be happy to respond. If you are wondering about gameplay previews - these are going to be shown as soon as most of the final art is in place, which is hopefully going to be sometime in about a month.[/size][/font][/color]
  13. Lua and XNA learning resources

    There was one project that implemented lua over XNA called XNua, but it died sometime ago. You can still get it here: However, consider this - the common consensus is that C# is flexible enough to be used as a script language. Why not leverage that, instead of applying another scripting language to the mix? If your main focus is lua, there are plenty of resources related to Lua + C++ combination and it's probably better to use those.
  14. Also, a year's worth (or whatever your development time is) of electricity bills add up to this already huge pile of things that need to be covered financially. Salaries are absolutely the most expensive position on the list, but in the end all the little expenses sum up to a reasonably hefty sum.
  15. [quote] It's not a problem for interns - but worry about your career. Because there will be no technical track - it's all on Google. [/quote] If all you do is rely on Google, then sure. But in the end, Google is a tool like any other - you can use it according to its purpose, remembering about its limitations, or be overconfident about the Internet jibberish and get caught in it. I'm pretty sure competent engineers are able to seperate useful bits of information and pursue more reliable data sources, when needed. [quote] There really aren't that many, there is maybe 100 algorithms and data structures total. (...) There are just incredibly few companies that have need for such knowledge. These are not some obscure API details that change weekly, they are the theory that was set in stone 30 or more years ago. [/quote] I am quite positive there is more, especially if you include all of the generalisations and concepts that follow. If we are talking strict core ideas - then yes, there might be a few dozen of them, you are supposed to know them well and any reasonably competent university teaches about most or all of them on CS degrees. You are also supposed to know about the more obscure ones, but if you do not apply them regularly, then remembering them to the letter makes as much sense as being able to swim, while living in a desert. Sure, it might be useful someday (especially in Austrialian deserts), but until that day comes you are simply wasting a bit of your memory, which could be used for remembering something that you do all the time and need to do to the best of your ability. If you had some training in the subject, you will still be able to pick it up quickly enough when it is needed this one time in the future, even if you can't recite its full details on any day of the week, at the moment. Fair point about asking other people for advice, though note that if you discuss a problem and your interlocutor has barely scratched the surface of the subject and doesn't really understand the issue in depth, it's easy to pick up they either lack knowledge or are beating around the bush. So you should be able to spot Google-only-'scholars'.