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  1. You can use something like this: [CODE] #if (_WIN32_WINNT >= 0x0602 /*_WIN32_WINNT_WIN8*/) #include <xaudio2.h> // from Windows 8.0 SDK #pragma comment(lib,"xaudio2.lib") #else #include <c:\dxsdk\include\xaudio2.h> // from DirectX SDK #endif [/CODE] for more information read [url="http://blogs.msdn.com/b/chuckw/archive/2012/04/02/xaudio2-and-windows-8-consumer-preview.aspx"]this[/url].
  2. Compression library for PCM data

    May be Speex is what you want.
  3. Vsync and dx10

  4. Quote:Original post by double O seven this isnt about where I live, its about a rumor a friend of my dads told me. He said he used to travel all around the world fixing machines. Well, he said when he went to Iran not only was he not allowd to eat at any of the iranian restaurants. But he also said that americans arent allowd to look at the women in that country. Apparently americans have a lot of restrictions in iran. Wrong. Please write about your part of the world.
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