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  1. Puyover

    Object-Oriented Game Design

    I know this results in educative purpose, but I would like to state that people should use more about C++ has to offer, and I mean by this the use of references and smart pointers for example.
  2. Is there any reason why you don't use any C++11 features? (nullptr, smart pointers, etc)
  3. Puyover

    How to Structure a Game

    Very good article, I have to read it more in deep.
  4. Puyover

    Let's Make: BattleGame! [Part 1 - Classes]

    Moreover prior comments: - Your getter function are not returning a const value, but you should however. - You should use forward declaration in Monster.h instead including the Character and Monster headers. - This is just style stuff, but take a look at, for example, Google Style Guide for Cpp Programming.   @Matt-D I'm agree of using size_t for counting jobs, beside that, using int is the best one can do instead using char or short (if you are talking here about optimizing).
  5. Puyover

    Modern Garbage Collectors under the Hood

    @Thurok @Nickie That is what the author means with reference counting I think; shared pointers, not raw pointers.
  6. Puyover

    Tetris clone in BASH script

    Really a good job you have done. Congratulations 
  7. Puyover

    Monday morning code...

    If this was C++ there would be some chance of success due to operator overload, but... 
  8. Puyover

    Class instances gone wrong!

    Dude please, stop programming C++ stuff and pick a book or read some of the C++ faqs or the new approaches about C++11, but you are programming like if you were doing a thing between Java and C.   I learnt C++ years ago too, but one month ago when I backed to do C++ stuff I knew I had horrible bad practices and I had to solve them, so I just picked a quick summary comparing old C++ with C++11, together with the faqs are linked in this thread and I achieve to get a big knowledge about the language itself.   I know I still have some problems which usually they are design related, but at least I don't have serious problems with stack/heap memory or using macros (language stuff related).
  9. Puyover

    C++11 Lesson One: Hello World!

    Why not simply using Code::Blocks with TDM (GCC 4.7) ? I think it's more instructive since you could explain how gcc works, and of course is less weight than Visual Studio. Also, I consider it faster to launch than VS :)
  10. Puyover

    Need help with C++

    If you are not very experienced in C++ I suppose you are neither with OOP, so I would recommend you to choose SDL instead SFML. Use structured C++ instead object oriented so you don't need to learn a whole paradigm at all.   If I'm wrong with your knowledge, just forget the previous paragraph and go full OOP with SFML.
  11. Thank you skullfire, nice to know there is a pattern at least which is well established into game development  I will give that articles a read.
  12. Hi there,   I'm currently returning to game development from my traditional software development, but years ago when I started with C and SDL I didn't care about design patterns at all, so now I found myself surrounded with their chaos and can't simply code without standing with one of them.   I don't understand which one fits better into game dev (MVC? Components? ... ), and indeed, I don't know many of them however.   So my question is, where to start in design patterns? I'm studying the library SFML with C++ right now, which is a language I had forgotten (And I hated) but industry right now almost force you to know C++, and I was very lazy with Java, so I need that change.   Thanks in advance.
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