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    Object-Oriented Game Design

    I know this results in educative purpose, but I would like to state that people should use more about C++ has to offer, and I mean by this the use of references and smart pointers for example.
  2. Is there any reason why you don't use any C++11 features? (nullptr, smart pointers, etc)
  3. Puyover

    How to Structure a Game

    Very good article, I have to read it more in deep.
  4. Puyover

    Let's Make: BattleGame! [Part 1 - Classes]

    Moreover prior comments: - Your getter function are not returning a const value, but you should however. - You should use forward declaration in Monster.h instead including the Character and Monster headers. - This is just style stuff, but take a look at, for example, Google Style Guide for Cpp Programming.   @Matt-D I'm agree of using size_t for counting jobs, beside that, using int is the best one can do instead using char or short (if you are talking here about optimizing).
  5. Puyover

    Modern Garbage Collectors under the Hood

    @Thurok @Nickie That is what the author means with reference counting I think; shared pointers, not raw pointers.
  6. Puyover

    C++11 Lesson One: Hello World!

    Why not simply using Code::Blocks with TDM (GCC 4.7) ? I think it's more instructive since you could explain how gcc works, and of course is less weight than Visual Studio. Also, I consider it faster to launch than VS :)
  7. Me cago en la puta máquina virtual del SDK de android #fua
  8. Por qué las mejores cosas siempre están #deprecated ?
  9. 10 días para las vacas!! http://bit.ly/gL0izb
  10. Detalles que te sacan una sonrisa y te dan fuerzas para continuar
  11. Otra cosa que no tiene precio es que te digan "Muy bien Santiago, buen trabajo!". Hay veces que me siento como un perro.
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