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    Puck It! (Android Casual Game)

    [attachment=20457:device-2014-03-16.png]   [attachment=20458:Puckit-2014-02-28.png]   [attachment=20459:puckit-2014-03-04.png]   Puck It! has a really simple concept. Pull the puck back and let it rip across the board. As it ricochets against the walls you build up multiples that get applied once you hit a target. Once all targets are hit, you have cleared the board.
  2. This is my "screw off at work" game. It's only got two finished levels and some crap graphics, but i think it's worth a five minute diversion to see if you can get to the end. Jumper
  3. MaliciousDigit

    .NET vs Windows API

    Quote:Original post by Chris27 I agree and it does seem to be used primarily for 2D games at the moment. Perhaps the performance hit from the JIT compier is to much at the moment for making complex 3D games. If that is the case hopefully we will see improvement as computers continue to become faster and faster. Not to be a know-it-all, but JIT occurs once, the first time the program is ran. Even if it took a few minutes, it won't effect the game at all after that.
  4. MaliciousDigit

    .NET vs Windows API

    Quote:Original post by Chris27 That makes sense as well. So does that mean games will eventually be written using something like XNA? I don't see many people programming games using this technology so far. Not even the indy types. Also there is Interop in .NET that allows access to Win32 API if I'm not mistaken. You just have to wrap things and make sure all types are compatible between C# and C++. Personally i'm still trying (albiet not that hard) to determine where XNA is as far as performance. It's not obvious to me that it can handle a decent amount of 3D work, though this seems unlikely. I've used MDX before and it worked as well as i expected after everything was loaded to the video card. I don't understand why i haven't seen a decent example of what XNA is capable of yet. It's got a lot of stuff in it, so i'd like to use it for something before OGL3 gets out anyways. The movies i have seen detailing game play show 2D games with bad graphics and horrible frame rates. I suspect this is from the usual culprit though, piss poor programming in the world at large.
  5. MaliciousDigit

    .NET vs Windows API

    Quote:Original post by Chris27 I've read a few threads on this topic, but I haven't seen any difinitive answer on weather people believe that .NET is going to be used for game progamming in the future and the Windows API will become obsolete at some point. Yes, it is and No it won't. .Net is a wrapper for Win32 so that people that need to develop applications rapidly can do so without all the issues you detailed. For those who need the speed, are doing something like implementing a Win32 wrapper, or need to do something .Net can't do (yet), you still need Win32 and .Net isn't much help. It's kind of like asking if HTML and javascript will cease to exist because Google Web Toolkit was released. It's another technology layer, not another technology.
  6. MaliciousDigit

    using an object/texture on two screens

    what you need is to share your display lists between 2 or more contexts. in Windows this is done with the wglShareLists commands. on Linus it appears to be done when you create your context: glXCreateNewContext
  7. MaliciousDigit

    GLCapabilities and sample buffers

    I'm pretty sure that the GLCapabilities implementation of antialiasing is based on the ARB_multisample extension. To my understanding it is the only way to do it in JOGL (or only one to seriously consider) and the value must be set prior to window creation. Another problem was that while you can enable this capability, you cannot disable it once enabled. Then again, i was told that about 3 years ago, so things may have changed.
  8. MaliciousDigit

    Java OpenGL

    I did a tutorial on how to set it up OpenGL in a Java applet. Please let me know what you think. Click here for the tutorial
  9. MaliciousDigit

    glTextures or not?

    The big advantage is that you can keep images resident on the video card. This helps when you are redrawing a 3MB image 60 times a second as you do not eat up all your bus bandwidth. Another nice thing is that you get bilinear and trilinear filtering for free. And yes, you can address the the texture as a 2D array, though i clearly remember doing this on the CPU as well.
  10. MaliciousDigit

    [java] Good book for Java 3d game dev?

    Quote:Original post by agm_ultimatex Also, is JOGL capable of running as an applet without having to download a seperate package or anything? Depends on what you mean by download. Here's my applet, you DO download libraries at the beginning (specifically jogl and gluegen) but no. there is no need to make your users download and install other libraries.
  11. try color based additive: glEnable(GL_BLEND); glBlendFunc(GL_SRC_COLOR, GL_ONE); prior to drawing
  12. MaliciousDigit

    how can texturing to quadric object

    sphere = gluNewQuadric(); gluQuadricOrientation(sphere, GLU_INSIDE); gluQuadricDrawStyle( sphere, GLU_FILL ); gluQuadricNormals( sphere, GLU_SMOOTH ); gluQuadricTexture(sphere, true); gluSphere( sphere, radius, 32, 32); The line with gluQuadricTexture being the important part. Then any texture bound with glBindTexture will appear on the quadric.
  13. MaliciousDigit

    Color keying with OpenGL?

    Without using shaders you would need to load the image manually into something like an array of ints (typically in ARGB or RGBA format). Scan the array for the RGB value, assign it an alpha of zero. Now convert the array to a texture as you normally would only using the GL_RGBA or GL_BGRA format flags. This is typically slow for large textures, I would either use shaders or use image editing program to make images with alpha stored in them.
  14. MaliciousDigit

    realtime earth viewer [update]

    Thanks Karan. I've seen this bug before. Can you send me your video card and driver specs when you get a chance?
  15. MaliciousDigit

    Test my multiplayer applet

    Pretty nice in presentation, but kind of rough gameplay. The server latency and correction was teleporting my cow all over the screen. Seemed to only get updates every 2-3 seconds though. Perhaps on networks closer to you this is better.
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