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  1. NerdInHisShoe

    FAST euclidean distance

    Quote:Original post by Sneftel Quote:Original post by NerdInHisShoe Beat me by 15 seconds! *shakes fist* That's because I type four characters at a time. So do I, but my keys aren't properly aligned.
  2. NerdInHisShoe

    FAST euclidean distance

    Have you considered using SIMD techniques, if available? Beat me by 15 seconds! *shakes fist*
  3. NerdInHisShoe

    Default Values for Pure C data types?

    They are initialized to some undefined value.
  4. Suppose you have a 16-bit value: unsigned short x = 0xabcd; You can cast it to an array of chars (8-bits each) char *ptr = (char *)&x; Then you can access the individual bytes by dereferencing the character array (watch for endianness) The other way also works, a byte array can be cast to an array of shorts or ints: char x[8]; unsigned short *ptr = (unsigned short *)x; You can also assemble a multi-byte value from different bytes: char x = 0xab; char y = 0xcd; unsigned short z; z = (x << 8) | y; //z holds 0xabcd
  5. You could try using the C intrinsics in xmmintrin.h for SSE emmintrin.h for SSE2 pmmintrin.h for SSE3 I don't know of very many resources, but this one is a good start:
  6. The best way would be to have only the server or only the client generate the random numbers and send them over the network.
  7. I was just like you. I started by looking at the mathematics of projection, and how OpenGL uses matrices and stuff (my software renderer was OpenGL-like).
  8. NerdInHisShoe

    Good First Programs

    I always find implementing cryptographic schemes are fun. Blowfish is a simple algorithim to implement, so that's my suggestion.
  9. You would call it like this: FunctionX(szOut);
  10. You're not compiling 64-bit applications are you?
  11. NerdInHisShoe

    Rotation not performing

    What's happening in your PaintGL method, you're loading the Identity every time before your transformations, so whatever transformations you did before calling glLoadIdentity have no effect.
  12. NerdInHisShoe

    which is better

    I have not programmed in either, but with programming languages, it really comes down to which language is the best tool for the job.You haven't given any context.
  13. NerdInHisShoe

    SDL Crash after loading new image

    You really aren't being very clear. Perhaps you could post some code?
  14. NerdInHisShoe

    Should I read an assembly book?

    It bothers me when someone has to ask an internet forum whether they should read a book or not. I say read the book, if you don't find it interesting, then find something else to read.
  15. NerdInHisShoe

    Keyboards for Programming

    Anyone here use a dvorak keyboard layout?
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