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  1. blueapple

    Google Go!

    For those who hasn't heard about it yet, here are two links: The Go Programming Language - Go (programming language) - Wikipedia
  2. blueapple

    White Text on Black or Black on White?

    Daytime, when the eye is adapted to a greater amount of light, black on white (ie. dark-on-light) is fine for me. On the evenings (and nights) however, I prefer it the other way around. The already mentioned F.lux is really handy, it makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day, warm at night and like sunlight during the day. (from the website). Something I've been thinking about is the possibility to invert the screen nighttime (and perhaps also filter all bright pixels and dim them). This would make all the white pages turn black. Does anyone know of a application that does this? (Preferably for Windows)
  3. blueapple

    Which 2D game franchise would you want revived?

    Quote:Original post by Kobalt64 (Actually, that link says Jetpack 2 is in development?) The wikipedia page links to this page, which in turn links to this blog. It has a few screenshot and they seem to mention "Jetpack 2" in quite a few posts.
  4. blueapple

    Fishing in MMO

    Quote:Original post by Anton Vatchenko Water is different from busher, etc. Operations are: 1. User clicks on the object (bush, enemy, item on the ground). 2. Make a ray trace. 3. Send to a server "I clicked on the entity 28372". 4. Server looks for it in my visible list. 5. If the object is too far, ignore. Else use function like entity->action(); Water is different because: 1. Water is a big object without entity_id (it's a big entity existing now only on client side). 2. Even if server will know where is the water (some flat polygons) it's not guaranteed that I can find an area with a fish. If I will ignore fishing if there's no fishing area (but player clicked to water) then player will quickly find where the fish is. It's bad. Couldn't you just create a few big transparent spheres or boxes (in the water), and assign them entity ids? Then the process would be just like clicking on a bush or w/e.
  5. blueapple

    simulating arrow

    I see I mixed it up. tinu, check out Trajectory of a projectile on Wikipedia. It contains everything you need.
  6. blueapple

    simulating arrow

    If you put t (time) on the x (horizontal) axis, and x on the y (vertical) axis then you get a "two-dimensional equation" (Or at least a two-dimensional plot).
  7. is probably a good place to look. A search for "pathfinding". A search for "ga".
  8. blueapple

    writing actual code?

    Wikipedia - Scripting language Wikipedia - Shell script Wikipedia - Open source
  9. blueapple

    VERY simple chess engine

    Um, is there anything specific that you need help with? I believe that if you're looking for a "coding partner", then you should post in the Help Wanted forum.
  10. blueapple

    make numbers wrap around

    Well, actually, he asked:Quote:Original post by Sync Views How can I make a double or int wrap around between 0 <= x < 360 But you're right, for doubles, it won't work (and I'm not sure about negative numbers).
  11. blueapple

    make numbers wrap around

    Instead of using loops, you could use the modulus operator (%): int angle = 725; angle = angle % 360; // angle is now 25 angle = angle % 360; // angle is still 25
  12. blueapple

    road to making a game?

    Stick with C++ if you like it, but I would not suggest starting out with DirectX. Allegro or SDL would probably be better choices, whereas I consider Allegro the "easier" of the two. Your list looks good, but I would suggest adding a few things at the top (after learning C++). A tetris game, a space shooter, tic-tac-toe, a remake of an old game you've played and/or a tilebased games (simplifies collision detection). Also, make small "tests" and mini-games just to try new things out. And do not start huge projects in the beginning, make small and fun games.
  13. blueapple


    I don't think that many people (if any at all) would even consider downloading and running a random file whose only description given is "help me , comment this game for futurs fixs.". Honestly. Post some screenshots and a brief description of what this game(?) is about, if you want comments.
  14. blueapple

    File input and output

    You should post a small explanation on how you solved it and what was wrong, as someone else might have the same problem in the future. (A tip for next time)
  15. blueapple

    Easy sollution for simple rts?

    Uh, almost all the libraries listed on the FAQ (is there any that doesn't) includes at least one sample (usually a chat client), which should be enough to get you going (sending and receiving packets). And yes, RakNet could be suitable for your project, just as most of the other libraries. You should try them out, see which one you like the most. And yes, WinSock is more lowlevel than RakNet. Open the FAQ page that hpuls0603 posted and search for "High-level "we give you structure" libraries include:" and there's some libraries that could be useful for you.
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