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  1. Antonios

    Most common tools?

    What are the most common tools, tools engineers are being asked to develop?
  2. Is it better to have experience using an engine e.g. Unreal?
  3. Are there any specific requirements for the job description of gameplay programmer? Any defacto knowledge that is considered to be standard?
  4. In various games who is responsible from the dev team for making the weapons fire, magic spells execute, bullets firing from guns etc?
  5. Antonios

    Tools dev job description

    Thank you for the reply. I have Winforms and C# experience and been using WPF for the last 2 years. I am more of a developer but have used Max and Maya not as an artist but general user. Thank you for giving me the inside information since it is always the best :-)
  6. Various job postings for Tools Developer require different skills. Some require C#/NET and WPF while other have as nice to have Max, Maya dev skills. I would like to ask based on your experience, what are the most really needed skills that in the end any gaming studio will require when hiring.     
  7. Antonios

    Node based programming.

    Thank you for the replies :-) No no no not something that complicated. You were right I should have been more thorough in my question. I am already using an API which has everything I need. I just want to expose some classes in a visual way. For example if I have a class which gives the addition of two numbers (I would make a class for this :-)) I would like to visually represent that as a block with two inputs and one output. Since this code is already there how difficult would it be to make the node based system?
  8. Antonios

    Node based programming.

    No not node.js. Have a look here. I am more interested from the engineering and architecture of a node based system.
  9. I am looking into node based programming and I would like to inquire whether you could suggest a book or link with information. If you could suggest a framework already available even better. Thank you.
  10. Usually when employers list a Flash developer/programmer (not designer) position dealing with flash based video games they do not clarify between Flex or Flash Pro. Based on your experience employers looking for flash devs prefer knowledge of Flash Pro or Flex? Although I realize you might reply both seldom have I seen it stated clear in various job posts. Thank you.
  11. I tried the Books link of gamedev but didn't find anything on programming a UI. Are there any books or links you can share? Thank you.
  12. I have extensive experience with Flex so I was thinking whether AIR could stand up on its own when it comes to tools dev. I realize that Visual C++/C# are the norm but would it be possible for simple tools, not full blown editors, to use AIR instead e.g. model viewer with import/export functionality. What is your opinion? Have you ever built a game related tool with AIR? Thank you.
  13. Antonios

    [.net] WPF tools.

    Thank you all for all the help. I will try both and decide which fits my needs.
  14. Antonios

    [.net] WPF tools.

    I want to build a simple tool based on MOGRE ( the C# wrapper of OGRE3D.
  15. Antonios

    [.net] WPF tools.

    I am using C# for some time now but I never used one of the GUI dev tool e.g. Visual Studio Winforms. I've programmed mainly console apps and also used it as a scripting lang embedded in other tools. Moreover, I have extensive experience using Flex. This will probably mean that WPF is better since from all the tutorials I have seen thus far resembles Flex syntax. However, I am also interested whether the industry is making a "switch" towards WPF as well for tools dev.
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