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    .Net vs WIN32

    Hi Guys and Gals, I have some win32 experience, maybe 1 year's worth. I've been fiddling around in Irrlicht lately and have created a neat learning game for my 2 year old son. Nothing major. Question(s): Win32 seems to be massive and will support most things I would want to do in windows. Why would I want to learn .Net besides the obvious obselencence issue that could overwhelm Win32? Or is obselencence even an issue with Win32, maybe not? I'm under the impression that .Net is more for web applications? Reading some reveiws on Amazon about books on win32 and most guys say move on and learn .Net so ...? I guess the question I'm asking referring to .Net is -> should I go there? Is it necessary?
  2. Go take an intro course in C or C++ at a local college and see how you like it. It's usually a one day a week evening type of thing that will cost a couple hundred bucks. Then go from there. This course will tell you a lot about the work required and your aptitude towards the material. I would tell you to grab a book and teach yourself, but if your computer knowledge is minimal, this may be too painful.
  3. khamill

    Visual Studio vs Express 2005?

    One major difference is that Express only allows you to create win32 console applications which can be a bit restrictive. 2005 has many more project options. Express is an excellent learning tool to start with though.
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