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  1. <? $txt = <<< endoftxt <tr><td><div class="infobox-spacer"></div><ul><li><div>Level: 60</div></li><li><div>Requires level 60</div></li><li><div>Side: Both</div></li><li><div>Start: <a href=/?item=20644>Nightmare Engulfed Object</a></div></li><li><div>End: <a href="/?npc=11832">Keeper Remulos</a></div></li><li><div>Difficulty: <span class="r2">60</span><small> &nbsp;</small><span class="r3">63</span><small> &nbsp;</small><span class="r4">72</span></div></li></ul></td></tr><tr><th>Series</th></tr><tr><td><div class="infobox-spacer"></div><table class="series"><tr><th>1.</th><td><div><b>Shrouded in Nightmare</b></div></td></tr><tr><th>2.</th><td><div><a href="/?quest=8447">Waking Legends</a></div></td></tr></table></td></tr> endoftxt; echo preg_replace('/(?:<a href=[\/?]+\w+)[=][0-9]+>([a-zA-Z]+\s*)+/' ,'url', $txt); //echo eregi_replace("href=\"[/?]+(?=[a-z][=][0-9]\">)","ttttttt", $txt); //echo preg_replace("/[a-z]+(?=\.[a-z]+)/","df1",$domain); //echo $domain; echo $txt; ?> what i want is: replace href="/?term=204">Nightmare xxxx zzz with href="Nighermare xxxx zzzz">Nightmare xxxx zzz i found (?=pat) not work on my php5.25 what problem? how to got it? thanks a ton.
  2. which function can i use? I wanna a tool that multiple thread to access a page asap. where to start? thanks. popen ? libcurl? #include <stdio.h> #include "../curl-7.14.0/include/curl/curl.h" #pragma comment(lib, "../curl-7.14.0/lib/libcurl_imp.lib") int main(void) { curl = curl_easy_init(); if(curl) { CURLcode res; res = curl_easy_setopt(curl, CURLOPT_PROXY, "Test-pxy08:8080");// what is it? res = curl_easy_setopt(curl, CURLOPT_PROXYTYPE, CURLPROXY_HTTP);//what is it? res = curl_easy_setopt(curl, CURLOPT_URL, ""); res = curl_easy_perform(curl); if(CURLE_OK == res) { char *ct; /**//* ask for the content-type */ /**//* */ res = curl_easy_getinfo(curl, CURLINFO_CONTENT_TYPE, &ct); if((CURLE_OK == res) && ct) printf("We received Content-Type: %s ", ct); } /**//* always cleanup */ curl_easy_cleanup(curl); } return 0; } socket? send "GET /index.htm HTTP/1.1\r\nHost:\r\nConnection: Keep-Alive\r\n\r\n\r\n ", then recv any idea? thanks. if i wanna run js script which contain in page. how to do?
  3. FindFirstFile only take unicode string, is there any 8-bit string version? thanks.
  4. Quote:Original post by rip-off Like so? Or using the functions I am familiar with (they are included with mingw AFAIK): *** Source Snippet Removed *** thank, but opendir can work on windows, right?
  5. my compiler is dev or mingw on windows.
  6. Before I heard of GF8800 introduce Geometric transformation into GPU. does it avaiable now?
  7. 3dcgmodeling

    C# Where

    just google it, maybe find something better.
  8. many game deveolpment sites dedicated to general game content. for example has everything that related to game like c++ ,graphics ,physics ,AI ,input . range from card game,puzzle game, video game to MMORPG game etc... I wanna make specific theme game site (respectively dedicated to game engine ,card game development , 3d graphic , AI , DX or shader/GPU etc..) so that I can put more professional content to site. is it a good way to make game site? any game development site like this existed? am i rewheeling? thank for your suggestion. because makeing a site is not a easy, i do not want to make a unuseful thing with much effort.
  9. 3dcgmodeling

    virtual pc camera development

    Quote: What he wants to do is create a virtual webcam. basically, create a fake device that returns images for webcam software to eat up. Yes, it is what I want to do. tok_junior: DriverWorks is one of component of Compuware Driver Studio,right? if you give me some driver development backgound and theory which should help you develop driver ,that would be better.any way I will google it and get some stuff.
  10. 3dcgmodeling

    virtual pc camera development

    after some research, I found it need WDM develoment knowledge, is that ture? what tool or lib can help me to avoid master these hard low level knowledge?
  11. I wanna do a virtual pc camera emulating can emulate real pc camera that can capture real world and transmit it to media player. please give me some advice,thanks. I have strong programming background. but I do not know where to start and what knowledge do i MUST know to make the software?
  12. 3dcgmodeling

    mmorpg engine

    r there any mmorpg engine available, someone tell me only one available in the world. Big world. but it is a little expensive , any alternative? thanks. need 2d and 3d engines. please introduce me some googe engine.(not just render engine)
  13. 3dcgmodeling

    copy does not support map

    copy(the_map.begin(),the_map.end(),ostream_iterator<value_type>(cout," ") can I do this? What I mean is what is output of copy? the_map value or the_map pair<key,value>?
  14. 3dcgmodeling


    Quote:Original post by Hodgman Quote:Original post by 3dcgmodeling is insert_iterator unuseful? In your example, yes. In general, no. Everything in the STL has a purpose. could you give me a sample for purpose of the insert_iterator?
  15. 3dcgmodeling


    set<int> coll; insert_iterator<set<int> > iter(coll,coll.begin()); // insert elements with the usual iterator interface *iter = 1; iter++; *iter = 2; iter++; *iter = 3; any benefit from it? how about alternative: iter = coll.begin(); *iter = 1; iter++; *iter = 2; iter++; *iter = 3; is insert_iterator unuseful?
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