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  1. dashurc

    Sony PSP.... phone??

    I don't know about this. What space are they competing in? If they're going up against smartphones, then will they be able to sell games that don't cost $0.99-$5? And if people aren't willing to spend $40+ on games, then I doubt there would be much developer interest for serious games (plus it would need a dev environment that didn't require expensive devkits). Too many questions...
  2. Does it say "course of your work" or "course of your employment"??? You mentioned both in the first post. The former to me is more vague and could mean either "the work you do for your employer" or "while you are employed at the company" which are two vastly different things. Talking to your employer would clear this up. The latter is quite clearly "while you are employed at the company" and includes personal projects. I have this clause in my current employment contract, but it applies only to software products (conflict of interest). My company also lets employees request exemptions from the legal department, and they seem to be pretty good at granting them so long as it's not in a space that the company is competing in. Most new hires at my office with existing projects usually get exemptions for their current projects in their contracts upon being hired.
  3. dashurc

    Tank Movement

    Also, your if and else if conditions are incorrect. if(0 <= spintrig && spintrig >= 90) is equivalent to if(spintrig >= 90) For a number to be between two values you'll need: if(0 <= spintrig && spintrig <=90) or slightly more readable if(spintrig >= 0 && spintrig <= 90)
  4. dashurc

    Inheritance and arrays

    Being able to treat a reference (or pointer in C++) of a derived class as its parent isn't inheritance, but rather polymorphism. Using these base class pointers only provides access to the base class' data and functions, unless the object is cast to its type of course (which you probably don't know). The way it knows to call the appropriate function is through the v-table (addresses to the appropriate functions for the object's type). Inheritance on the other hand is a child class' ability to reuse its parent class' non-private data and functions.
  5. I'd say that there's probably more in Vancouver than Montreal (although Montreal is still growing). I don't know what the situation is in Europe these days, but I'd say top 3 regions in North America are: 1) LA (well...SoCal anyways) 2) Pacific Northwest (Seattle/Redmond/etc.) and Vancouver 3) Montreal There are lots of companies in those areas including the big ones.
  6. I know the site is probably supposed to be an alternate spelling of "unique", but it reminds me of "eunuch" (pronouced you-nik) which means: a man with no penis.
  7. dashurc

    Assembling a Development Team

    As everyone else stated, starting on the Help Wanted forum is as good a place to start as any, however I honestly don't know how anyone could get free workers for a PS3/360 quality game (unless they REALLLLLLY believe in the design and are guaranteed a percentage of the game's revenue I guess). Perhaps setting your sights on something smaller for your first few projects. Hell, if you knock a few smaller games out of the park you might even get a few eager and talented devs to work for free on your dream game.
  8. dashurc

    Game Object Scale Question

    It's also pretty hard to judge the depth of an object without shadows in my opinion, which messes with (at least my) your perception of how big an object is. For instance, had you not told me the objects were all at Y = 0 I would have thought the chandelier was much closer to the camera (since my natural metaphor for a chandelier is that it is suspended in the air). Having shadows gives you a point of reference of the object versus the ground.
  9. dashurc

    Your Top 5 Favorite Horror/Psychological Games

    I'd probably say: 1)Resident Evil (GC remake) 2)Resident Evil 2 3)Resident Evil Code Veronica (DC original) 4)Eternal Darkness 5)Resident Evil 4 I'm a bit of a Resident Evil fan, and I always hated Silent Hill (I could never get into it). There's probably a few games that could be inserted into my list, but I can't really remember them off the top of my head.
  10. dashurc

    Challenges for game designer

    I actually am reading the book right now (not doing the challenges at the moment). I'm not too deep into it and am only reading it intermitently, but so far it's a mediocre introduction to game design in my opinion. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the book turns out. I might just be missing the main point of the book in not doing the challenges yet.
  11. I think the possession aspect is an interesting one for a co-op game. Imagine your character starts to aim towards you partner and you have to fight it off while hearing voices whispering in your ears. Games like Eternal Darkness are also interesting with their sanity meter where your character starts to go insane and more strange things start to happen (you start seeing and hearing things that aren't really there). I think by creating environments with good atmosphere and use the interesting aspects of Left 4 Dead's AI director (use an atmospheric director???) you can actually get something interesting going.
  12. dashurc

    Grandma's Boy: How did you feel about it?

    Grandma's boy is hilarious. "Not only have we found all the bug, but we've also provided detailed descriptions on how to fix them". If you're looking for accuracy from Adam Sandler's production company, you're probably barking up the wrong tree.
  13. dashurc

    Nintendo Wii

    If you're a licensed developer and want to release a commercial product (retail or WiiWare), you CAN use Flash, but you'll need to use some middleware package like Scaleform. The hardware won't interpret the file directly.
  14. dashurc

    Placement student nightmares

    The problem with interns is that they are students (with usually no real world experience). I've worked directly with 3 interns (two of which I was responsible for mentoring, and the other who I helped out on occassion). One of my mentees at first seemed useless to the point it would take me longer to help him do his work than if I were to do both his and my work myself. But what finally clicked for me is that holding this kid's hand wasn't helping him and it definitely wasn't helping me. I realized that it's better to start mentoring him for a half an hour every morning on good practices as well as how and why we do certain things, and then check in with him after lunch and at the end of his work day to have a quick chat. By giving the intern direction and insight, and being available for assistance a couple of times a day (but not at all times) it lets the intern LEARN to be a productive part of a team and learn actual skills beyond typing with someone over their shoulder. I was able to learn valuable things about mentoring, training, and even interviewing by spending the time to mentor these interns. Using an intern to build something unsupervised is ill-advised, and in my opinion shouldn't be done unless they are scrutinized as heavily as any paid worker would be during the interview. While the code posted is probably shit (I only read a few blocks), making fun of student code shouldn't be done.
  15. dashurc

    RPGs / Action RPGs - What do you like in em?

    What's your favorite thing to do in RPGs? (Example: level grind, plot progression, side quests, exploration, etc...) Plot progression, both the main story and side quests that provide insight into the world, or background to your character(s). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What are some things that you would like to see in an RPG? More interesting exploration. Walking around everywhere is ok, but solving puzzles (i.e. using different tools) to get to hard to reach places is a bit more iteresting to me. What's some common mistakes (in your opinion) RPGs make, that I should avoid? A lot of RPGs are really bad at organizing available and active quests. Oblivion and Mass Effect were really good. Morrowind was much worse. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What RPG, if any, would you recommend I play for inspiration? Chrono Trigger, Legend of Zelda Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time, Alundra. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Would you buy an independant 2D RPG if it seemed interesting enough? I'd consider it through certain channels (i.e. via XBLA/PSN or XB creator's club, maybe Steam), or in the store (physical copy). Probably wouldn't buy through unreputed sites though. I'd be way more likely to buy it if available for consoles (I don't play too many games on PC). Have you bought an independant RPG before? If you don't mind me asking, which one did you buy and how much did it cost? Would you recommend I play it? No.
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