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  1. Amr0

    What are you working on?

      Creating clean line-art from sketches. Not shown in the video, the user can load a sketch image in the background layer and start creating curves by drawing and and then sculpting into the desired shape instead of the tedious process of drawing a stroke, undoing, and drawing again repeatedly until the shape is right.
  2. Amr0

    What are you working on?

    Curver - "intuitive 2D sculpting workflow". Curver aims to optimize the process of creating clean line-art by implementing an intuitive sculpting workflow. Featuring a small and focused set of tools, working with curves is no longer a chore.     http://code-section.com/curver/   Currently I'm working on expanding the tool set and increasing the robustness of the workflow. There is still A LOT of work to do on Curver. It's available as public beta and early access now. All feedback is welcome.     Uses C++, D3D9 (will switch to D3D11), and Sciter for GUI.
  3. Amr0

    How to Make D3D Easy?

    D3D Obj loading
  4. Yes, though you should be checking if( something == nullptr) - it makes it obvious that 'something' is a pointer.
  5. Amr0

    GUI-Library for Users

    I'm using Sciter, and I'm in love with it! Not sure what platforms exactly it supports though.
  6. Amr0

    WinAPI Combo Box wont show

    INITCOMMONCOONTROLSEX icc; icc.dwSize = sizeof(icc); icc.dwICC = ICC_STANDARD_CLASSES; InitCommonControlsEx(&icc); That said, in my experience calling this function is rarely required in normal circumstances, so I doubt your problem is caused by this, because if it was, then CreateWindow() would return NULL instead of a window handle.... which you are not checking for. hWndComboBox_File = CreateWindow(...); if( !hWndComboBox) MessageBox("Failed to create combo box. Last error: " + GetLastError() ); And again, the WS_OVERLAPPED style is not valid for a child window if I'm not mistaken.
  7. Amr0

    WinAPI Combo Box wont show

    Try removing WS_OVERLAPPED. Also try calling InitCommonControlsEx.
  8. One way to keep the momentum is to release the fun prototype early, a vertical slice, to build a community, get feedback, exposure, and possibly even some funding. Or just aim for making a prototype from the get go instead of aiming to make a game. Or keep scaling the project down.
  9. Looks good. Would love to see more texture variations if that's possible. Regarding existing approaches, I remember there was a demo by nvidia for volumetric lines. Here is the white paper, and here is a dx9 implementation of the technique, although I think your approach is simpler. Good stuff!
  10. I'd like to (re)release some software as free for non-commercial use (and paid for commercial use). Assuming the free and paid versions are the same, what would the customer expect to receive upon purchasing a license? Would an e-mail saying "now you can use the software commercially" be enough? Thank you.
  11. Amr0

    Simple video editing software

    I'm going to suggest Davinci Resolve. It satisfies all your requirements. Initially I thought it was too complex for my needs, but then after spending some time with it, I've discovered that it's actually quite easy to use for basic stuff. Follow a couple of video tutorials from youtube and you should be able to get going without too much effort.   If that doesn't suit you, maybe look into PowerDirector, though i don't have personal experience with it.
  12. Amr0

    Easiest way to learn UE4 blueprints?

    Learning Blueprints is easier than learning C++. You can start by following the video tutorials. About the kind of games you can make, I would suggest you dive in, get your feet wet, practice, make a few simple games, gain some experience, then you will be able to tell for yourself just how complex of a game you can make with blueprints alone. The theory though is that you can make all sorts of games with just blueprints, but I have no actual experience with BP to confirm this.
  13. Amr0

    help me create a better picture (concept art)

    Well, I find GameDev.net to be the awesomest place for programming discussions, and while I'd love to see it flourish in other areas, the truth is that for art stuff you'll find other forums more lively and useful. I'd recommend you head over to polycount.com or similar. Good luck.
  14. Consider applying for an internship in a good company, then prove yourself worthy and they will give you a job. That's a theory that I haven't personally tried though.
  15. Amr0

    Book of Demons - Early Access Sales Stats

    The steam link goes to Paladins??   Anyway, this information is very important to me personally since I'm preparing to launch my software as Early Access. It's not a game, but the information should be very helpful. Thank you for sharing!!
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