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  1. Amr0

    Autodesk Maya 2016 New Features Overview

    Shameless self plug: Please consider using my plug-in for intuitive first-person camera controls inside Maya (WASD + mouse), which is essential for using Maya as a level editor. It's called MayaFPS
  2. The website of PVS studio doesn't even list the price, so I assume it's beyond the budget of indies?
  3. Amr0

    When do videos need voiceovers?

    Interesting read. I think it deserves pointing out that typically game trailers for larger games tend to avoid voiceovers. For such games, gameplay and game footage is often appealing and more expressive of the final intended experience. At least that's my theory. @LordVTP: try to put a link to your game when you mention it online - extra publicity is always welcome.
  4. Why not just record the sound as-is and then add it to the video? Recording the sound from the computer takes little processing power and no additional hardware (set the source in the recorder to "internal mix" rather than "microphone").   Also, if you've finished a game and want to make a trailer for it, take this as an excuse for yourself to get a decent nVidia card with ShadowPlay support.
  5. Amr0

    Autodesk Maya 2015 Review

    Ok, shameless plug time. If anybody uses Maya for game level design, or works with larger scenes, then using my plug-in, MayaFPS, is a MUST! It allows you to control the perspective camera using traditional first person shooter controls (WASD+mouse). Please give it a try. http://code-section.com/mayafps/   Intro video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZJrM-cMhF8
  6. Amr0

    Overcoming Procrastination

    I've had this article open in a tab since it was published, and only now have I managed to get myself to skim through it! I think need help :(
  7. The game fails to run, with a "stopped working" error, and it changed my desktop resolution to 1280x720 and did not revert it back after the failure. Graphics card is AMD 760G.
  8. Amr0

    [Intro] Instant Gratification (And Why It's Important)

    While I certainly appreciate the importance and effectiveness of instant gratification for boosting motivation, I don't think it's easy to apply to programming, especially if you limit your link gratification to just "seeing something on the screen". The larger the project you're working on, the less likely it is that you'll be able to adhere to such a strategy. I worked on a shader editor very similar to the material editor in UDK, and it took me a whole month of hard work to finish the working prototype. The majority of the month/effort was spent designing and coding the underlying system, switching back and forth between visual studio for coding, and notepad++ for writing down my thoughts about whatever design issue I was having. Only at the end was I really able to play with it and see something on the screen.   Additionally, programming is a creative process, similar to art. Consider digital painting. Here is a creative activity that has instant gratification built-in, and yet digital painters suffer from lack of motivation just like programmers do.   There are a lot of strategies that can help boost motivation, but I've found the most effective to be necessity, or pressure. That's what I think. I've found this interesting: www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6XAPnuFjJc
  9. Amr0

    Adding DirectX directories to Visual Studio

    Hi Steve. For VC++ 2010 (Express and Pro it seems), the VC++ Directories section in the preferences is gone, and the directories are now supposed to be set on a per-project basis. This can be resolved by following these steps. Also see this post and the replies to it for additional infos. I'm posting this in case you want to update this useful entry of yours to be more complete. Salutes.
  10. Amr0


    While the tutorial itself is good (thorough and explains things well), and your efforts to make it as complete as possible are obvious, IMHO it would be better to write about more advanced stuff. This is simply due to the fact that there are numerous tutorials/articles/samples about "getting started with direct3D" all over the internet. I think it would be much more useful for the community if you write for the intermediate and advanced levels of Direct3D programming and related issues. In other words, it's physically painful to see someone of your caliber wasting valuable efforts on an area that has been over-saturated already. I mean come'on, screw beginners and let's get on with the juicy stuff. Tell us about things like good engine design, how to structure code to present a neat API to the engine's clients, how to design for extensibility using plugins, how to manage effects and materials, how to arrange shaders into tiers, how to separate material shaders and lighting schemes, how to make good use of multithreading, how to write an efficient post-processing framework, how to write an editor for the engine, how to handle dynamic key-action assignment, how to store geometry for optimal visibility culling, how to handle animations and cutscenes, how to incorporate physics and sound engines, how to make a AAA title in two weeks! Well, maybe not the last bit. If you're planning on starting from the beginning and then moving on to more advanced stuff, then I think by the time you finish your seventh or so tutorial, you will have grown tired or bored and you will drop it. And we will be left with yet another bunch of tutorials that show you everything up to how to load a texture without using D3DXCreateTextureFromFile(). Again, this is my personal opinion and I realize that I'm usually not good at phrasing what I mean the right way, so if I have offended you somehow, know that I didn't mean it. I harbor nothing but great respect for you (I've been lurking the forums for quite a long while now and, simply put, I'm a fan of yours!). Happy new year.
  11. Amr0

    Journal Images

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