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  1. Hey there. Recently me and a team of mine have been trying to develop a hover racing game- but admittedly things haven't been going so hot- we're considering switching engines. We currently are using UDK, but it seems there's not really much in the way of experience amongst the line of UnrealScript/Kismet, at least, for us. So, I decided to come here, to ask for suggestions on what kind of engine we should move to, should we decide to do so. Some basic (ideal) game specs: -The game's supposed to be fast. Ala WipEout and those sorts of games. -The art style is more cel-shaded/toony than anything else. -The game is planned to have weaponry, random-based ala Mario Kart. -The game is planned to have multiplayer online- up to 8 people in one race at a time. -The game shall hopefully have customization features, such as decals. I hope that this helps, and in advance I thank you for your assistance.