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  1. Not that I'm award seeking or anything, but where's my medal...lol
  2. Thanks @lilington- that's great idea! I added a launching sound when the player fires - I updated the downloads for the exe and source - same links as above
  3. Ok - here's my finished project: Very simple controls and a basic game-play concept - Press Space to start, Q to quit and use the mouse to aim and LMB or RMB to fire from the left or right sides. You'll get a break between waves but that's about it. Link to Executable: Windows 10 - http://www.derekrharlan.com/ProjDom/ProjDom.zip Just unzip into a folder and launch MissileCommand.Exe Link to Source: Python 3 using pygame http://www.derekrharlan.com/ProjDom/ProjDomSrc.zip And if you don't feel like downloading that here's a video and my screenshot gallery:
  4. MissileCommandChallenge2018

    My screen shots for my Missile Command challenge entry
  5. Hello all, I think mine will be titled "How not to make Missile Command" Hoping to finish up my entry this week- Here's where it's at so far...
  6. [4E6] The Enemy

    The Enemy [working title (but its starting to grow on me)] My friend and I are working on this project. I hope to be able to put some screen shots up soon, but right now the games strongest point is its story. Here are the specs: Type / Platform: 2D Horizontal Shooter/ WinXP/Vista Language: Python, and SDL I don't want to give away the whole plot, but if I was asked to create an overly hyped iconic tag line it would go something like: A dystopian future,An unforgivable betrayal, Five worlds, One Destiny on April 3rd 2008 know...The Enemy... Keep your friends close... And some stuff about ponies. I don't think were going to blow away the competition (as you can see), were mostly in it for the fun of making this game and the learning experience. I look forward to seeing your games though!
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