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  1. Skeezix

    help please C++

    yeah i also think the ".cpp;.cpp;.cpp;" thing is the reason of your error :D EDIT: oops you already replied when i replied must be the same time :D
  2. Skeezix

    dev c++

    i know you can use allegro in cb and vc++ (correct me if im wrong) there something with devc++ that interest you? :D im sure cb and vc++ is waaaaaaaaay better than devc++....
  3. Skeezix

    video tutorial questions

    maya has an educational version don't know about 3ds but since they're from the same company then mos probably it also has its educational version
  4. is there a source code formatter for Visual Studio 2008 in C++ mode??? i know there is a Format Selection thing there but for me it does not do its job there a plugin or something where i can run inside VS2008 much like the one in code::blocks called Astyle(i think this does the job right)??? thanks for the replies
  5. Quote:Original post by Telastyn C# is exceptionally easier to parse (and thus make formatting/intellisense tools for) than C++. then why is code::blocks(or Astyle in code::blocks) able to do it and MS can't?
  6. @PKLoki yeah im looking for more than that...the formatting feature for C# in VS 2008 is better than in C++ why is that??? @Rydinare How can i do that? @_fastcall is there a free thing like that?
  7. Skeezix


    NICE journal!!! i think it would also be nice if you put this also in the resource and article section that way it can be easily accessed :D KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!
  8. Skeezix

    Console Problem

    i think your usage of win32 api is kind of wrong(you havent created a window)...but i might be wrong....i suggest you read this tutorial hope that helps
  9. thanks for that suggestion im going to check that
  10. i plan on making a diagram program like visio (i wish) thing im stuck is the connector thing...the connector,which is a line connecting to shapes,is so intelligent that it knows where it should go when its path is blocked,how do you suggest i approach this problem? (just think of the shapes as bounded by a rectangle,so collision checking will be easier) as of now i think i should tackle it pixel per pixel more like the snake if its blocked it will change direction and keep going...but there is a problem i think ill encounter here...its speed...for example i plan on moving one shape, of course the drawing panel will update thus causing the checking to trigger...imagine if the are many connector present... please help me one this one
  11. i think A* is a bit overkill for this project of mine is there any simpler approach? i think ill look on the others
  12. ohh so the nov one is the better one..i got this book about dx9 and i just thought it might be better to download the dx9 sdk than the nov 2008 one...thanks for the reply
  13. as you can see at the title, im starting to learn DirectX 9 and not 10 mainly because im using a windows XP OS and i hear that 10 is only for Vista up...then when im searching for sdk to download i found two of them and now im confusedon what to download one said it is the DirectX 9.0 Complete Software Development Kit (SDK) and the other is the DirectX Software Development Kit Nov 2008 what do you think should i download and use for my learning in these two?? also lets say i used the nov 2008 one, if in case a jan 2008 appears how do i upgrade mine, do i just download the sdk and install(without uninstalling the nov one) thanks for those who will reply
  14. Skeezix

    How do I write good CPP code?

    One thing i saw that is the source of the error is the Position.h file... there is no inclusion guards in it that is why the compiler said its being redefined... i suggest you read this sorry got no time to see the others, in a hurry ill try to look at it later hope that helps(at least a little)
  15. i dont think ill be able to buy the interested in the workshop though...i guess ill just follow along but not register is there a good alternative to the book used in the workshop so i can start learning XNA asap??? thanks
  16. Skeezix


    try this
  17. Skeezix

    Games C++ programming Help

    Hi do you accept new graduates? I'm graduating(undergrad) this March 2009
  18. can you make a simple code(even pseudocode) for that? i dont quite get the collision thinking if you check the bounding of the whole connector line and other shape's bounding rect, you might get a lot of collision(per pixel that is) can you minimize that? or am i thinking wrong...can you show a code on how to get the collisions? thanks (sorry for the trouble)
  19. you should research on what sneftel said..."2d bin packing" even try "1d binpacking","np complete"...btw i think "container loading" is closer to what you want,you should try researching on that too...and just a piece of advice dont go straight ahead to "3D bin packing" without learning the 2d one or else you will get VERY VERY LOST!!! good luck on your research!
  20. by you mean about the bounding rectangle of the line strip the bounding rectangle of each line or the whole connector line??
  21. Skeezix


    well there is always the mage and the warrior just curious about 4 people in the same keyboard...and you said that the "Combat will be extremely fast- paced"...wouldn't it be too crowded for 4 people to be on the same keyboard??? as for experience just having two people in the same keyboard is quite annoying at times
  22. are there books that teach you this kind of stuff...or at least close to teaching how to solve this kind of stuff??(you know what i mean,its hard to put into words) what do you recommend??
  23. Skeezix

    Java vs. C++?

    well just go with what language you want(if you dont know what you want toss a coin) or better study both!!!! this thread is going to be very crowded soon.....
  24. im trying to make a diagram drawing software adn there is a feature i want to implement but im finding hard to do it...its a line jump(or something like that)...its basically a line jumping over another line if those two lines intersect(like in circuitry)...well here is the problem... given two points per line(their respective end points),so thats a total of 4 points if im checking for intersection of two can i know if two or more lines intersect each other(the fastest possible way), and if it does intersect, i need to find their intersection point so i can apply the jump from there... hope you can help me with this(any language is fine)!!!
  25. based on your post's summary i think its a good thing to watch for!!! the features are nice(and i hope and think that there will be more) still reading the links though... Lets wait and see :D
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