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  1.     Very thoughtful. That's GOOD IDEA.    You know John Carmack Reverse algorithm? Basically John Carmack invented volum shadom algorithm himself after someone already wrote a paper about it.   There is hardly anyway you John Carmack would have spent time to actually try to find that paper. Instead he did it himself based on basic knowledge.
  2. Thanks guys for all of your thoughts.   GPU PRO 1 GPU PRO 2 GPU PRO 3 GPU PRO 4 GPU PRO 5   I roughly looked through all of these books. Actually they are still very advanced and hard to understand.   What I figured out to get to CryEngine graphics level of knowledge (not skills): 1.Read all basics  (Ray tracing from the ground up book is one of the best I find so far, it actually explains basic theories of photorealism, then you will understand advanced rendering techniques better, since those techniques mostly are trying to acheive what Ray tracing can actually do, well, in real time) 2.Gradually expands basics. Someday you will understand everything including the CryEngine slides. 3.Carefully choose your learning curve from basics to advanced.   (This is also a more dependable way of learning, what if you are developing next CryEngine100 someday? there won't be a book about it)
  3. Thanks Josh, that's a good perspective on explaining why these materials are lacking and some approaches of getting better.    There are really only a few good cutting edge games using own engines out there. So the talents are mostly centered in those few companies. There are really no industry wide common solutions to most of the problems. Most are created and adapted by the few really experienced graphics engineers. They don't really have incentives and in some cases they are prohibited by their own companies on writing clearly explained full solutions that would help everybody.
  4. I actually found ebook of these two:   GPU pro 3,  GPU pro 4.   They are pretty dam good from the looks of it.   Any other suggestions are welcome!
  5. I want to learn the latest set of all computer graphics techniques applied in current generation of game engines.   NO WHERE TO FIND GOOD BOOKS. Amazon seem mostly have older generation books or just beginner ones.   I need to learn all sorts of techniques and tricks like tile based deferred lighting. But I need a book or resources to find and learn all of the techniques, not just looking randomly at some hard-to-read PHD type theory articles which nobody understands.     I also don't want ambiguous stuff like CryEngine slides. Got the idea but don't understand anything.....   http://www.crytek.com/cryengine/presentations/cryengine-3-rendering-techniques
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