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    3d Modeler

    1. Yes 2. Yes
  2. Pzc

    is it just matter of speed?

    There are games that use scripting languages. Civilization IV used Python, for example. The advantages, if there is any for the particular game being developed, of using a scripting language isn't always what's important nor is speed. What's most important in most cases is if it'll make the development time shorter and more effective, I think.
  3. Pzc

    ignoring simultaneous key presses

    Can't you just have a variable that you set to true once you start processing one key and as long as it is true you won't start processing another. When it's finished you set it to false again, allowing a new key to be pressed. Not knowing any specifics how you've set up your app this may not be the best of solutions though.
  4. Pzc


    If that's all the detail you can give then maybe this will help. If it doesn't, how about some specifics ?
  5. Pzc

    How to Subtly Guide Players

    Since the character in the game supposedly lives in the world he/she/it should also know a lot more about it than the player possible can know. Using that as a reason/excuse you can have a diary/journal that keeps updated with the characters own hunches and guesses. You can make it as simple or as advanced as you like with the journal updating when the player visits new populated locations hearing rumors or finding clues.
  6. Through an out parameter. Not because of any technical reasons but rather that the return value can be used for return/error codes. I like to be as consistent as possible when I have choice so I do it that way as often as possible even when return codes aren't very meaningful for that particular function.
  7. Pzc

    Neural Networks

    Well, Wikipedia is always a great place to start. Plenty of info and links.
  8. Pzc

    std::map Question

    Indeed, you check if the iterator is equal to the end. See here for example. Enums are for integer values only.
  9. Pzc

    thinking of switching to python

    I think you should have a go with Python. Picking one language and sticking to it may be a good idea but trying other languages will let you find the one you're most comfortable with. Anything to get the motivation back and keep programming fun I'd say. Experience with more than one language isn't wasted since many things are quite similar.
  10. Quote:Original post by shultays I usually do that for searching a certain element int i; for(int i=0; i<size; ++i) if(array == element) break; if(i==size) printf("not found"); else printf("found at %d", i); That would produce interesting results, don't you think ? ;)
  11. Pzc

    Blender, Is it good or not ?

    It's really good. People who prefer other apps generally do so because they like the interface and how to do things better in another app rather than that Blender is missing functionality.
  12. How does the behavior differ, exactly ? What doesn't work like it should ? One common thing that makes things that work in debug stop working in release is uninitialized variables.
  13. Pzc

    Hello. Beginner Doubts

    If you're just starting up I'd make as much use of existing tools as possible to get something done. You'll still learn a lot from it and there's always the possibility to do more things yourself next time when you got a better grasp of what you need. Starting from scratch the first time around is of course possible but the time can be a lot better spent, imho.
  14. Have a go with Python, it's a real nice language and you won't have to bother with memory management yourself.
  15. Pzc

    its probably a dumb question...

    Are you linking the opengl libraries ?
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