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  1. Just wanted to quickly reach out and send you a note that we have integrated source code in our new network library (SLikeNet - see https://www.slikesoft.com/?page_id=1224&lang=en for details) which is marked with a copyright note asking for such a notification [1] and a post in this forum was the only means of communication I could find. The library is in principle a fork of the (discontinued) RakNet library and also available on GitHub (https://github.com/SLikeSoft/SLikeNet). We made some modifications to the source code to: - resolve a compiler warning (with VS) - provide Unicode support Feel free to reuse the changes under the same license you consider your own copyright source code to be licensed under. Alternatively we always provide our modifications under the MIT license. That said, thanks for providing the that code. The work you put into is much appreciated. [1] https://www.slikesoft.com/svn/slikenet/tags/0.1.0/DependentExtensions/DXTCompressor/Src/OpenGLWindow.hpp
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