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  1. Check this for some info about game loops and implement a fixed-step loop. Then just apply CuppoJava's instructions for movement where seconds_since_last_update is the fixed time step from the main loop.
  2. Forba

    Game Engines and SDL

    I'm far from an expert when talking about engines. But in my SDL based framework, I basically encapsulated all SDL related stuff in a class called system. Actually it's SDLSystem which derives from System interface. At least in theory it should provide pretty independent way to handle all the basics. Thought I haven't tried to port it to any other library/API. Scummvm seemed to do it the same way. So if it doesn't feel too daunting I recommend to read its sources. At least to me the code of Scummvm looks pretty clean and easy to understand.
  3. Use %% to to use % as a character in a string. Eg. System.out.printf("%d %% %d = %d", int1, int2, int1%int2);
  4. Sol's tutorial is a good one. It goes through making a simple ball game from the beginning to the end. The tutorial uses SDL to handle window creation, input and graphics. Fortunately, combining OpenGL and SDL is easy and it works well (at least for me). You do know that OpenGL can only do graphics and you have to use some other API/library (like SDL) to do all the other things?
  5. Forba

    does this mean "==true"

    Simple said, if(fullscreen) and if(fullscreen == true) are exactly the same thing.
  6. Forba


    Did anyone notice that the trailer/teaser doesn't mention Grand Theft Auto at all? All it says is IV. I hope it's something new. Not just a few new features and better graphics. Something which will revolutionize the way we think about GTA's.
  7. Forba

    Implementing New Genres in RPGs

    Quote:Original post by Humble Hobo But I thought that it would be interesting to see how a magical world would advance through the ages. I mean, it has to reach the technological era sometime! When it does, I would love to see your ideas on how it would look. Arcanum might be something you're interested in. It's pretty much like 'what would happen if traditional fantasy world would advance to the 19th century'. Arcanum on wikipedia
  8. Quote:Original post by Kanesis Quote:Original post by umbrae First Person Adventure Game. Those games are already in the works. examples alan wake,Uncharted Drakes fourtune. Are 2 that are on the way and dont forget Farcry. To me Farcry isn't actually adventure game, just a regular shooter. When I here adventure games I'm instantly thinking the old point and click adventure games. I'd really love to see P&C in first person (which might have some shooting elements). As some one said earlier Myst in real-time would be awesome. Anyway puzzle oriented first person game would be a must buy for me. I really like what Valve did with HL2. It did have some puzzles but all of those where physics puzzles. Add to a FP game inventory, collecting items, talking with NPC's and all the stuff that 'real' adventure games had. Then it be would totally awesome though it might be a bit niche. By the way, isn't Alan Wake a third person game?
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