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  1. Microsoft VC++ or Dev-C++?

    I used Dev C++..no wait, we started wrong. I tried..tried using Dev C++ but after about a month I was unable to use any portion of Dev C++ without being told I needed to insert a disk into drive A:. Visual C++ is like the pimp my ride of compilers that I have had to use. It'll make learning C++ better if you don't have to trouble shoot your compiler before you try out the complementary code in your text book or tutorials.... "Just because it's free, doesnt mean you aren't paying for it" I'll always love gcc though *big smile
  2. Graphics Libraries For Linux/Unix

    I had to post before needing help with making a tetris game. Now I'm trying to figure out what I have to do since I had to change my O/S. I am using Linux, so it comes with gcc, is there a library I can use now?
  3. C++ or C#?

    I went through a Game Software Development course while enrolled in Westwood. We were learning C++ and C# almost simotaneously - or however the spelling goes on that. I would have to say like the person before that it doesn't reall matter what you learn as long as you learn it. C# would be easier to learn if you had some grasp on C++ but then again I had to learn a little about C# then some about C++ and we went back and forth. Take a look at the two a choose on your own. I'm sure that before you are through with all of your courses that you will have learned the two of them anyways.
  4. Things needed to complete "tetris" game

    Some Errors I have been trying to get throught the first tutorial, placing an image as a background, and then placing another image on top of the background, but everytime I try to build the source, I find that I am unable to. Compiling the code that I placed in the file warrants no fails, but when i try to build the project I get errors like : warning c4312: 'type cast' : conversion from 'uintptr_t' to void* of greater size and to many to type out about unresolved external symbols. but they all have the error code LNK2019 Anyone know why I'm getting these? Or how I can fix them?
  5. Things needed to complete "tetris" game

    Thanks everyone for postion a reply, and giving me the help that I needed. I went ahead and got the SDL graphics lbrary that two people said would work, there was some trippy stuff happening when I was trying to set up my VS to work with SDL, but that was taken care of. Much thanks for the thread on "How to make Tetris in an hour", I read some of it, but I'm going to run through the tutorials that are on the SDL page before I try to make any games. I guess I was hoping knowing 1 language was going to suffice for making a game, but oh well, more learning = more knowledge = more fun and stress, but I dont think anyone programs becuase they dislike stress. My son wants to go play, so I shall see you all some other time. Happy programming.. "... for a wounded man shall say unto his assailant. "If I live, I will kill you, if I die, you are forgiven" such is the rule of honor" - Lamb Of God: Omerta
  6. Things needed to complete "tetris" game

    Hello all, my question to you is this, what all does it take, other than a compiler, a paint program to complete a tetris game? Is there knowledge of some other language other than C++, C#, or VB .NET that I would need to start looking into? Anything that can help to get my into completing this game would be much appreciated. "Of all the things I miss, I miss my mind the most" - Ozzy