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  1. UPDATE - Version 0.99 Beta ========================== http://www.crunchyfrog.com.au/spacechunks2 Overhaul of player ship and controls for unprecedented ease of use!     - Player's ship motion/thrusters are massively simplified with simple WASD movement.     - Player's weapons are now mounted on a turret allowing independent targeting of weapons with the mouse.     - "Old School" control option still available for those who enjoy good old rotate/thrust style controls.      Complete overhaul of ship upgrade and enhancement system for incredible customisation!     - 54 unique upgrades!     - Player now simply gains levels as their score improves, and each level gained gives you one upgrade point to spend.     - Upgrades control all facets of ship's improvement in the following areas: Guns, Ordnance, Shields, Hull, Engines & Squad.     - No more waiting or hoping a particular coloured upgrade will drop - you choose exactly what you spend your points on! Complete revision of game interface    during play making your current ship status clear and easy to see. General game and graphics improvements, including tweaks to gameplay making it more fun than ever before! Enjoy  
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