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  1. Voxelsoft


    The PM got eaten?! Is this a new Dr. Who episode?
  2. Voxelsoft


    Happy Birthday CoW_In_ThE_WeLl ------------------------------ MindWipe Giant SanguineRaven Stonicus shmoove Emmanuel D. Sorcerer benryves desertcube sanguineraven Evil Steve DigitalChaos John B Xanin Jmc2 Maega MITHRANDIR Voxel
  3. Voxelsoft

    Endless Saga

    This is not a reply.
  4. Voxelsoft

    GDNet London: The Aftermath

    It was really nice to meet you all. I'm back home safe (and well rested, thanks to posit :p). Looking forward to 2.0! The size of the enemy is huge.
  5. Voxelsoft

    GDNet London: Grand Night Out

    Thought id post this from the Archway telephone box =)
  6. Voxelsoft

    US Missile Defense Shield Online

    Attempts to build such a missile defence system are flawed by design. Just like the PATRIOT anti-ballistic missile system is only good for boosting morale, as at best it manages to shoot down about a tenth of its targets. However, the integrated defence shield is many orders of magnitude more complex and more expensive. US citizens are calmly allowing to have their money poured into the military for this? Whatever rocks your boat folks, at least it creates some jobs for some rocket scientists...
  7. Voxelsoft

    GDNet London Grand Night Out, anyone?

    Quote:Original post by evolutional Speaking of which, we might be able to carpool if there's enough of us Do you have a car? Anyone else from Yorkshire or en route with a car? Quote:Original post by Ainokea You guys could have a massive lan party. Or maybe not.
  8. Voxelsoft

    GDNet London Grand Night Out, anyone?

    I'll try to make it down from York :)
  9. Voxelsoft

    Computer randomly shutting off...

    I would also agree, suspect the power supply. Don't be afraid to go for the more expensive ones.
  10. Voxelsoft

    Basic Client/Server models

    I dont consider it a bad idea, if implemented well.
  11. Voxelsoft

    Quake 2 Networking model

    There is no need to reverse-engineer. Just read the source code. This is not a complete answer, its just something simple to give you ideas. The full answer is complicated :) - what data is exchanged C->S: Your intended angle of rotation and intention of movement S->C: All player information, gamestate, your actual movement - how does server checks whether the client is not cheating The server makes sure that the client has a limited speed of movement, clips it if the client goes too far. On some later implementations, BSP culling can be used to only send other player info if the other player is in the same sector (anti-wallhacking strategy). But in reality the original Quake2 cannot protect against aim cheats (because aim is done with fixed angles, not delta movements) and wallhacks. Nor can Counter-Strike, thats why there are so many cheats. - how are the clients synchronized (for example taking the same medipack) Name of media pack is compared, hashes of maps are compared. If not match attempt to download. If download fail, abort. - how often are the packets sent That depends on the 'rate' settings. Depends on server and client configuration. - and even more :) Read the source.
  12. Voxelsoft

    wow almost a member for 4 years

    Can I have my prize now?
  13. Voxelsoft

    Engine doesn't work on some pc's

    Please provide the lines of source code which appear to cause the crash, along with more information about the type of crash and the state of various variables involved. Preferably run the program in a debugger to get more insight (or add debug code to determine point of crash, if it is run on someone else's computer).
  14. Quote:Original post by wild_pointer I always think it's funny when people censor stuff. Like it really matters what you're assigning into err... twice, or what that header file is called. What was that on the taskbar? PearPC? Shitty OSX emulators are hardly 1337. Censoring, in that case, was required, because it contained sensitive information. Emulators do suck (hence I dont use them), but evil pet projects need a little time to grow and mature :)
  15. Windows.. OSX.. Lets mix them! Yes its real, and no, dont ask.
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