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  1. Yes, I think so. Thanks for your suggestion....
  2. Currently, I create a thread, and give it an amount of time to sleep, wake up and alert the game object. Don't think it's efficient, or I just use a timer, in win32, like the SetTimer() API, good to go if I choose a timer? Thanks Jack
  3. I am always feeling that I should process the movement within the movers (pathfinders) themselves. But I have a small decision to make, there should be some compromise by now. Consideration 1: (one interface preferred) When 2 different movers, such as astar and the hierarchical astar both produce waypoints of same kind, it should be more convenient to give a consistent interface for both HPA is not part of AStar, maybe I can do it Consideration 2: (movers responsible for moving the objects) It provides a cleaner organization, and I can easily start and stop one mover and switch to another at my own will
  4. Hello, For the argument of 3*sizeof(int), why I can't load the Mesh Shape in 16bit format for the index. If I load the mesh with 32bit index and the mesh has less than 65535 indices, it will overflow the vertex buffer. I have tried to use 3* sizeof(WORD) as index stride and I can't put (WORD*)pIndexData, because bullet won't recognize the prototype, Any ideas? Thanks Jack indexVertexArrays = new btTriangleIndexVertexArray(pMesh->GetNumFaces(), (int*)pIndexData, 3 * sizeof(int), pMesh->GetNumVertices(), (btScalar*)pVertexData, dwVertexSize); // For non-moving objects only staticShape = new btBvhTriangleMeshShape(indexVertexArrays, true);
  5. Thanks buddy, I will look into them.
  6. Hi buddy, I remember I created a formview or something before, but this time, resedit doesn't have a formview to create? I meant I can create a square (looks like a formview thing) inside the dialog, cannot really remember exactly Basically, no mfc's to use
  7. How do I render stuff into a dialog which is created by resedit previously? I am using Visual C++ express 2010... and DX9