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  1. Something like this needs to happen, but unfortunately, this looks like a half-finished attempt that wasn't well marketed. Things like this have (or don't have) a huge network effect, like social networking, where your friends get their friends to join. The fact that there are no blog posts since October 2nd 2018 is a red flag to me considering it is almost a year later. Its like this guy had a great idea, put a lot of effort into it for a few months, couldn't find people to help him, and then gave up.
  2. Wograld Homepage Wograld is an open-source 2d multi-player online rpg. We are in need of the following team members. 1.) Marketing. This would just be a get the word out position. Play the alpha, make videos, get it talked about on different forums blogs and youtube channels, or whatever else you can think of. Even if it isn't yet ready for everyone to play, there is nothing like getting everyone all hyped up and excited about the existing game and what new features will be implemented next. I would prefer someone who can already compile and run the game from the latest sources, but if you can't do that yet, I would be willing to spend many hours getting you up to speed for the right (or left) person. 2.) Game mechanics Designer. Okay, I said this is a design position, but I would prefer someone with some basic understanding of the C programing language as well in order to help implement actual code changes.. The main issue is with the game mechanics. Some of them could use some serious tweaking. There is a lot that is fun, and some stuff that really isn't fun. We want to move from the current level system to a more skill based system, but without the grind and macroing that characterized games like Ultima Online. 3.) Java Updater - Unfortunately, this position sounds like the least fun. Who actually wants to take old java code, that works on Java 8, and get it to work on Java 11 and beyond. Maybe someone who wants to prove they can do it and then get a high paying Java developer job after showing off a portfolio. Perhaps someone who is so enthralled with the game idea and also happens to know the latest Java stuff.
  3. Another idea is you could join a project team and do things like mapping, levels, artwork or music. Project teams seem to always be looking for more developers and never find any. You might think, oh, why should I do that when I could work on my own game where I can control the game play, but without some kind of pseudo code, you arn't going to be able to describe the game play accurately anyway.
  4. Jastiv

    Wograld Tileset

    Sample of some of the tiles I made to use in Wograld.
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