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  1. Steve, owner of Arteria3d, just celebrated his 48th Birthday!, and to celebrate, we are offering full access to our members area for 48 hours, and the ability to download all the content you wish from over 300 packs within this period, and then for you to use these royalty free in your productions. For just $27.99 you receive all this! Purchase below:https://arteria3d.myshopify.com/products/2019-special
  2. By Purchasing this special VALENTINES SPECIAL, you get to access all content on the Arteria3d Store(Over 300 Packs) for LIFETIME for just $39.99 on a non commercial license, which is great for prototyping your game, at no further cost.. this normally costs $220, but is being offered to just 30 customers maximum today. If you can still add this product to your cart on the page, your one of the lucky 30 After payment you will receive access to our members area where you can access downloads Arteria3d VAlentines Special BUYME!
  3. arteria

    Over 300 packs for $17.99

    Thank you for all the support thus far
  4. Arteria3D are celebrating 14 years of providing 3D assets and audio to the GameDev community, in thanks to this, today only we are offering a one time offer - just $17.99 to Access over 300 packs, including unity packs, Uma, fuse costumes, 3D environments and audio...WOW! Purchase below Get your 300 packs now!
  5. 2019 Special By arteria3d $26.00 Starting off 2019 with a very special deal, that wont be run again this year - Access over 300 packs from Arteria3d for just $25, with access for 48hours. Download what you want within this time - and keep, to use in your productions royalty free To purchase use the Arteria3d Payment Store Link below https://arteria3d.myshopify.com/products/2019-special
  6. Black Friday Special - Download as many packs as you wish(from over 300), within one week for just $25 After purchase you receive access to our members area at http://arteria3d.invisionzone.com/files/ and can download any packs you wish, for a period of one week, and use commercially in your project without any further payments to Arteria3d. Purchase at just $25 from below link. Offer valid until Friday https://arteria3d.myshopify.com/products/black-friday-special
  7. Today, we release 'The Ranger' for UMA The 'Ranger Medieval ' costume is designed for Unity 5 UMA 2.5 Character system.. All costume items scale and deform precisely so you can vary the size of your characters proportions Pack Contains: 5 Slots 5 Overlays 5 Wardrobe Recipes SLOTS Included & Overlays & Wardrobe Elements for: Chest Armour Shoulder Armour Wrist Armour Trousers Boots Purchase for $14.99 from the below Arteria3d webstore link: https://arteria3d.myshopify.com/products/ranger-for-uma
  8. Over the past 6 months Arteria have been very busy converting all of our other format characters to standard FBX format, all set up in unity, with full mecanim compatibility This thread will house all our new releases over the next few weeks, of which there will be many Today, we release our Spartan Warrior Character - all set up in unity, with full scene included, and mecanim ready - The scene we provide depicts the character exactly as show in the promo pics, ready for immediate inspiration to add to your scenes. The Spartan Warrior.... Pack can be purchased today for $8.99 for the first 10 customers to purchase - after 10 have purchased, the price will raise to $19.99. If you still see the price at $8.99 you quality to purchase at this price! Also.. you will get our next release free, as a special Arteria3d 13th Birthday bonus. Visit the below link to purchase: https://arteria3d.myshopify.com/collections/unity-ready-characters/products/spartan-warrior-1
  9. arteria

    WildWest Bandit Costume Pack for FUSE

    WILD WEST Bandit for FUSE The pack contains the following Clothing items, that you can easily alter the material type, substance, and colour. Check out the Promo Pics on this product page, which depicts the clothing. The Pack contains: Hat Scarf Sweater Belt Trousers Trouser Over ChestBelt Pack is already imported and set up in fuse - simply follow the easy instructions and a scene is provided that shows the Avatar in FUSE, with the full costume assembled. Purchase for just $14 from the below Arteria3d website link WildWest Bandit – arteria3d
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