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    Virtual Serial Port question

    Not a direct answer, but USB -> serial port devices exist.

    Drawing pixel by pixel

    May or not be helpful, but: http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=350944
  3. Can you confirm that the chunk of code you posted is actually being called more than once a second?

    Which Complier?

    If you're not debugging and using breakpoints, why not just RUN your app from an open console window?

    Need Debugging Help

    I think more information would be helpful. - You say it runs differently on different servers. Are you connecting to them all from the same machine? - Are you using the same user credentials no matter how you connect to the server?

    C++ new operator and delete

    Seems more like a troll.
  7. Wait, are you trying to connect to SQLServer or MYSQL? And this is c#, right? The class 'SqlConnection' can ONLY be used for SQLServer, I believe. Here is the very first google result for "c# mysql" http://www.csharphelp.com/archives2/archive288.html
  8. Looks like you're missing a single quote after PWD.

    [C#] Problem with classes

    According to the two files you posted, the only specified namespaces are: Camera FPSCounter Unless of course you mean that it should be in one of the linked libraries.
  10. Ok, so nearly two years ago I posted this thread I finally got around to playing with the Managed DirectDraw stuff again, & figured how to do this. And yes, I know ddraw has been depreciated. /* ...do some stuff... initialize DirectDraw & create surfaces ...do more stuff... */ /*a GraphicsStream, which we write to in order manipulate pixels*/ Ddraw.LockedData BackBuffer; /*holds the x,y poisition of the pixel*/ int x = 10; int y = 10; /*couldn't written my own, but since it's already here...*/ System.Drawing.Color color = System.Drawing.Color.Green; /*Lock(...) gives us access to the screen data. Wait until we can lock it*/ BackBuffer = SecondarySurface.Lock(Ddraw.LockFlags.Wait); /*Similar to how we'd calculate the arrary index back in c for the surface memory*/ BackBuffer.Data.Seek(y * BackBuffer.Pitch + x * (BackBuffer.RGBBitCount / 8), System.IO.SeekOrigin.Current); /*this is assuming 32bit color, so pass the color data as a byte array Blue, Green, Red, Alpha*/ byte[] pixelData = {color.B, color.G, color.R, 0}; BackBuffer.Data.Write(pixelData); /*all done*/ SecondarySurface.Unlock();
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