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  1. I have never worked with throwing applications on cellphones, but I got a hint to download the Motorola SDK and it comes with MIDway and it does, and install it, and I did, and I have a JAD file that i know is for cellphones, and when I tried to throw in on my Motorola Rzr 3v I got this error Opening JAD file.............[OK] Connecting the phone.........[FAILED] Downloading canceled. But, when I first started the MIDway it couldn't find where the phone was connected to, but when I connected the phone, and updated it it said yup it was connected, but i already have the latest updates. So, how can I get this to work. It kept on looking for a COM port it gave me the options of COM1 - COM256 as COM Ports, hm.. I've plugged it up to a USB port, so I have no idea what the COM Port, nor the Baud Rate, or the AT Command should be in settings. If anyone does know please let me know. Thanks, c.s. Finch
  2. I have never put any games on my cellphone? What software, USB must I purchase, download for free, etc.. I saw this J2ME game engine I'd like to try out Thanks, c.s. Finch I have a Motorarolla Razor 3rd edition if it helps.
  3. I would like to start working with smart cards, but not invest a whole lotta money into it until I am certain that my idea will work. Does anyone know how to startup programming smartcards, read, write smartcards, and use them without investing awhole lotta money in other words what is the cheapest but an efficient route to go working with smartcards? Thanks, c.s. Finch
  4. I was just wondering what are the basic rules of making a simulation of Cellular Autonoma I saw a video of it and it was cool. But didn't really get much of the details of how it worked given I had no sound for the vid. All I know is it's a simulation with very basic rules of neighboring neighboors that multiply, die, depending on how many is surrounded by them. Please help I would like to make it in java, and if one already exist I would like to see it.
  5. How can I get BlueJ my preferred Java IDE www.bluej.org to recognize my J2ME API, and test it out using the cellphone MIDIlet that is used in Netbeans, or as long as I can write my code in BlueJ, I'm fine. Please help, and Thanks for comments, c.s. Finch
  6. I am wondering the legal procedure of obtaining Nintendo DS devkits, where to get them, how to obtain them, and how much they cost. And I also heard about the Nintendo API's for C++ are they free, or do they cost as well? links to them would be fine and I would appreciate it if this forums doesn't become locked. Thanks for replies, c.s. Finch
  7. quantumgamez

    Nintendo devkit question?

    Ok, so I was told to make game for the Nintendo DS and I will quote them "You'll need a devkit for both. A DS devkit is a little over $2000 USD, and is only available to established developers. Both PSP and DS software is written in C/C++ using the Nintendo or Sony APIs." I also heard they're are some out there for free. So, are there any good articles, webpages to look at, and read to find the best route on making a game and distributing it for the Nintendo DS? I have a 2d game engine, and a game in mind. Once it's complete I would like to distribute it to various websites to see how it does, and later to cellphone, and if im lucky have other adventure games I make go to the Nintendo DS Thanks in advance for any comments, c.s. Finch
  8. quantumgamez

    I am doing well? College Courses?

    I was once in your shoes. Here is what I can tell you to do. Take atleast one Java class, and as many C++ classes as you can. Even a programming logic class if you think you need it. Be well acquanted with OO Programming. Now, mathematics I took Statistics my senior year with Calculus Freshmen college - retook Calculus 1, because of transferable crap if you don't make a 5 on the AP exam you'll have a high chance of retaking the class. Sophmore college - Calculus II, Linear Algebra I, and in the summer if they offer it Calculus III. These are just the math classes, and you don't have to double up but by the time you get in 3D programming you'll want to know about Matrices, (i.e. take Linear Algebra) Hope this helped. And program daily, program often, and program something that is constantly challenging you. That is the best way to learn how to program good games. Atleast I can say this from experience. Good Luck, c.s. Finch
  9. quantumgamez

    Cellphone Games? How to get started?

    Established companies only, so if that's the case go to an american bank create a business account of our team name as a company, get registered with federal stuff, and show off what we've done so far right? And, how bout the Nintendo DS, and PSP? <- I'm guessing the software used to make these games are expensive, special API libraries, or something of the sort?
  10. I am just wondering what software I would have to download to make cellphone games? I already know java, and know the majority if not all cellphone games are made in java. So, what software, API, do I need to get my java games I have now converted to cellphone games, or to program them to cellphone games. if anything cost please let me know, and how to contact Cingular, Verizon or who I would need to contact to get my games on there server for download and get paid for my games please let me know. Any help, suggestions, and response is greatly appreciated. c.s. Finch
  11. Hello, I'm trying to make a 2d game engine for java games. And I don't know if I am doing this right, or wrong, what i'm missing, what I don't need, etc.. So I'm just gonna try my best to describe to you what I think a game engine is, and what I have in what I think I have done in my best attempt to creat my first game engine, and I would like all the suggestions, comments, and criticism I can get. OK, first I think a Game Engine is a set of classes that makes making a type of game easier. There will be atleast a level class that is used to make levels, an enemy class to create enemies, and player class to easily make a player, an item class where all items that would be used in the game would be created. A small physics, or hit collision class to keep track with eh, physics? And a good image, and sound class to load images, and sound and play them but only when they're needed. This is what I think is a game engine, ofcourse also have a class that acts as a database, calculator, game tracker whatever you'd like to call it constantly running in the background, or only when you need it to. SO, that is what I think a game engine(2d game engine) would be like, and this is what I have made to see if it's a game engine or not. I have attempted in making a 2d Side Scrolling game engine that features Level - class for easy implementation, and creation of as many levels as you can create Player - class to load all sounds, and images of player, and have control through keyboard input, and interaction of all elements, bosses of all levels. Item - class for making easy objects that can be implemented, created on the spot as many as you wish which then is created as an object in the level class simply through a string of characters (i.e. g = ground have a ground object where g says so on the text map turn it into 2d graphics with images, and sound, motion if needed) Boss - A Boss class for easy implementation, and creation of bosse's in the game through the level class. Create as many as you need. Deals with Images, sound, movement, AI. Data - A class that claculates, and manages the entire game. How many enemies have I killed, what is the time, what level am I at, what level will I be at after this one, what boss's are coming up, enemies, etc...High score, to death, blah blah blah So please if you can read this and give me whatever feedback you would like. Thanks in advance, c.s. Finch
  12. Does anyone know how I could print my current screen, save it as a jpeg, or png file then do it again, and over again with in a 2-3 minute time period? I have just downloaded and started using electric sheep, it's a really cool screen saver that i'd like to have as a wallpaper. Thanks in advance, c.s. Finch
  13. quantumgamez

    where can i get free sound

    I was just wondering what are the couple of places I could go to get free sound wav's, or mp3's of good game music, and sound FX. Thanks in advance, c.s. Finch
  14. I have made a gamedev team, and I must say I have to thank Gamedev.net for the possibility of this team being built. We've decided to work on just 2d games, and I was just wondering once they're done, what is the best way to showcase, deploy these games as in for just recognition, profit (if at all possible) or for Free through download, then get a little money through advertisement? The 2d games are going to be parodies of other great arcade, and platform 2d games that will be available any way we can deploy the games, and all games will be built using SDL in C++. Thanks in advance, c.s. Finch
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