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  1. Medieval Story released

    devMandarkk: Thank you! I used no engine. frameworks include glfw, openal, lua, freeimage. Both my engine and editor share roughly the same tech.
  2. Medieval Story looks verry nice, I'v already added it to my wishlist and Im avaiting some special offer :) 

  3. Medieval Story released

    Thanks guys, it helps =)
  4. Medieval Story has finally been released on Steam (wohooo!). Many late nights and evenings have been put into making Medieval Story. All graphics, sounds, maps, programming, scripting, GUI, music, AI, dialogue writing, modelling and what not has finally come together into this small game with about 8-15 hours of gameplay time. It feels quite bizarre thinking of all the hours that have been put into the game over the years and then reading reviews about it. Sadly some people seem to have had quite high expectations, pointing out infantile (?) dialogue, horrible controls and bad characters. I don’t know… Never fun to read criticism when it is sort of rude. If you consider buying the game I hope you enjoy it for what it is; a one man game project developed in spare time. http://store.steampowered.com/app/543740/Medieval_Story/ Thanks for reading!
  5. That's very nice pixel art, love it! I tried Graphics gale a few years ago but I found it a bit buggy (if I remember correctly). I looks stable enough now however. Sounds I have to pick up that book you mentioned also.
  6. Medieval Story

    It has been quite a while since my last blog post… as always. However, development has not ceased entirely… just continued in ever so small steps. =) Here are some of the changes and additions made in the last couple of months. Exploration/event music added. Created library for handling steam achievements. More enemy types. Work on demo has begun (almost finished). Fixed a bug when shooting arrows on certain types of enemies. Implemented a game launcher which displays news and announces game updates. Launcher will not be included in the steam release, I think that would be superfluous. Added animation to an already present cutscene (this had actually been long overdue, it looked horrible). I've also created a short trailer for the game. Steam requires all games to have a trailer in order to have it published. Luckily I just found out that Photoshop is able to edit videos I didn't even have to learn any video editing software. *yay* Well, this one-man project is starting to shape up nicely I think =) Now, with these latest changes (…and a ton of tweaks and fixes made earlier, too many to mention here) I felt it was time to submit the store page and game files for review by valve/steam. They say that the review process can take up to 2-3 days for the submission to complete. It feels strange to call Medieval Story *finished* but I have to call it sometime. I hope the game gets enough response/appreciation to warrant further development. However… I know that indie games rarely becomes successful so I have set my aims pretty low in that regard. If I was doing this for commercial success alone I think I would never had gotten as far as I have. On a private note, our second daughter has been born which has led to my development time being even more limited. As always, thank you for reading and for your support!
  7. GameDev.net Turns 18!

    Congrats! Quite an achievement!
  8. Time to get started...

    I have often found that consciously keeping focus on the project helps. When things are getting old and you feel that you somehow have lost interest... it eventually happens. I try to look back and see what made me start in the first place. This game mechanic or this kind of technique is what made me want to start this project. Almost always I have found it worth while to keep at it. Cut back on the feature list and scale it down until you are back at your original idea. I guess a meatier way of saying "start small"... ;)
  9. Noble Crusade

    Very impressive! Being a one-man team can be quite a work load (speaking from experience). What frameworks/libs - if any, did you use for the respective parts... ie. GUI, network, rendering, resource loading etc. Are you writing in C/C++? Nice post.
  10. I'm not dead...

    Feels like I'm in the same exact seat. :) thanks for posting, keep it up!
  11. Not Dead Yet

    I know the feeling of wanting something to be completed and still wanting it to be as good as it can get. Glad to see you are still going at it =)
  12. [font=arial]Be warned, this might not be your ordinary game development post.[/font] [font=arial]The New Year has just settled in so I thought I would keep my record straight and at least post one journal update per year. Real life has begun to catch up on me and my game development time has almost shivered up and died. This might sound like a very depressing post but it is not, and all for the good reasons![/font] [font=arial]You might ask how this came to pass. Well, first me and my girlfriend got a baby girl about a year ago =) and then I landed a new job which involves non-game programming. My old job offered lots of free time during weekdays - this was ideal for game development at home. Now I work 8-17 Monday through Friday so I'm only free on the weekends. This works excellent for my family, not so great for my own game development project(s).[/font] [font=arial]How much time is left for game development then? Well, right now I'm on paternity leave until April. So when the kid is asleep I can get some alone time, this is around 3-6 hours per day at most. During this time I also need to fit in other things such as cleaning, bills, write journal entries etc.[/font] However, I have not quit on Medieval Story and I have been at it for quite a while. My isometric game is coming together bit by bit. I had imagined beforehand that this game would be a huge undertaking for a single developer... nonetheless I had hoped to be done by now. My problem is that I haven't laid out the game's story properly so the game just keeps growing and new areas are created when needed. I need to call it done some time and that is a difficult thing to do. I am not much of a storywriter which this sort of game kind of requires. Well anyway, to end this post I thought people might be interested in some screens of the current state of the game. Not much have changed graphics wise. You can now kill wolves! Some graphics showing the inside of building. [font=arial]Conversation with an NPC.[/font] You can't ride horses in this game - but they exist! The outside of a fort. [font=arial]Pug the mastermind.[/font] That is all for this time, thanks for reading!
  13. Got It!

  14. Greenlight!

    Hello! Great news! Medieval Story has been greenlit! Since I don't update this journal as often as I should there might be readers wondering what Medieval Story is about. Well, here's a short summary... Medieval Story is a single player game which features action, puzzle and RPG elements. It is played from an isometric view point which can be zoomed in and out. There are no experience points to be earned (so no level grinding). Instead different equipment and potions make your character stronger. Players can follow the main story arch and finish the game more quickly, however it is encouraged to explore the world. The game will be episode based and the world will get larger as I release new episodes. Medieval Story is currently in content creation phase, progress is pretty slow since I am making the game on my own. The last few weeks I have focused on script writing, dialogs and map making. Scripting This is done using lua, a scripting language used in many other applications and games. I use it to control character dialogs, changing of maps, setting character and object properties among other things. Dialogue The dialogue is displayed via a special a GUI window. Here you can follow the conversation and make critical choices for how the story will unfold. Alongside the conversation is a hand drawn character portrait for each NPC you meet. Map making I have developed a level editor called Nimrod the Isometric editor. Nimrod (for short) is tightly connected to the game. It can place actors and objects, assign scripts and set animation behaviour among other things. The game will be released on steam in the near future. Screenshots: Thanks for reading!
  15. Nice work! =) solved it without looking at the solution. Used the cursor to follow the path =)
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