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  1. I'm happy to announce that Tacticolor, my real-time strategy game for Xbox LIVE Indie Games, is now open source. All the assets and code are available from the linked Mercurial repository. The code is decidedly not a shining example of exemplary design and implementation but nevertheless there are pieces that are not outright terrible, perhaps even good. Of note are the lockstep networking bits for online multiplayer and the AI. I hope it proves interesting and useful for the community. Enjoy!
  2. errcw


    Quote:Original post by HopeDagger Java is pretty much the educational-sector staple in the University In fact, Java is currently being phased out as a first-year language at Waterloo. The 2007-2008 academic year will be the last for CS 125, 133, and 134. Quote:Professor Prabhakar Ragde The courses recommended for CS majors and interested non-majors (CS 135/136, CS 145) will use Scheme, then C. The courses recommended for others (CS 115/116) will use Scheme, then Python. And while I thoroughly agree the Java+Slick is an awesome choice, don't expect the first-years to come equipped with any knowledge of Java. Yay for random UW knowledge.
  3. errcw

    Test Scene

    It looks fantastic! I replied to your topic on the renderer design; hopefully we can share a few ideas. (Sorry it took me so long! Work swallowed me alive for a good few weeks.)
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