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  1. what to use to develop a "serious" game

    Gentleman - thanks for the responses. What I mean by a serious game is one with dozens of hours of game play, involved story line, etc. I'm not going to say top of the line graphics because small budget indie games can't afford top rate graphics. Now as far as RPG's go I would like to create, either with Torque or some other platform, a Fallout / Baulders gate / Icewind dales type game. Party based, lots of missions and quests, etc. Once again I'm not talking about top of the line or even close to top the line graphics. I'm referring to content not looks. I researched python a lot but the pygame website doesn't even have forums! While the following might be decent it seems to me that if you use pygame you are pretty much on your own. Could you use python to create a fallout / baulders gate type game with decent graphics? Where is the python and pygame community?
  2. Hi all, let me give a little back round first. For the last year I have been spending a lot of time learning the Torque engine. My goal someday is to make a Fallout, Baulder's Gate type rpg game. And no I'm not one of those people that expects to make a game using cutting edge graphics, actually my expectations are pretty low in that area. Keeping in mind that I am still a novice coder (c++ and scripting in general) I want to be sure I am doing the right thing here with my time. I am learning more coding skills every week so I hope within a year I will be somewhat up to speed. I realize there are a dozen choices out there to use for game development. But would I be better off using something other then Torque because Torque is by nature an FPS engine. Would I better off trying to make a basic 3d engine in pygame so it would be better support a rpg type game? Directx? A basic c++ engine? Yes I know this is largely a matter of opinion but I'm just trying to get a feel for what else is out there and if I'm making the right choice.