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  1. Game methodologies ?

    tom is that your opinion or any actual methodology if so what? i need to know a methodology for game developing thanks
  2. I have been looking at different methodologies to use when developing a game and wondering if anyone know of any specifically designed for gaming or which is best to use. I was looking to use RUP but also looked at agile now but recently come across an article on GUP (Game Unified Process) but cannot find that much information on it. Could someone help me out? Thanks
  3. Hi ive been reading up on java and found some benefits over using it that c++ like automatic garbage collection and memeory allocation, but also found java programs are alot slower then the programe being developed in c++ Is the reason for this because of the memory allocation? can someone clear this up for me? and where is java language best used? networking but why? thanks
  4. ah ha so you can create games for the wii using flash (actionscript) but homebrew you say meanin illegal?? for the ps2 linux dev kti can you programme using different languages as well? or just c++ sorry a novice at this
  5. Hi there, I am doing a project developing a game in XNA for the 360 and wondering is there any otther consoles avaliable that games can be developed for i know you can use a linx kit with c++ to develop a game for the ps2 can you for the ps3? if someone could tell me any avaliable for wii? ps3? even older machines and what programming languages they would use as wel, it would be greatuly appricate. Thanks shamy