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  1. vs322

    Font rendering with PyOpenGL

    I know I wasn't the one asking, but THANK YOU Lord_Evil; I have been looking for something like FTGL for sometime.
  2. vs322

    char to string in C++

    what dmatter said is true for the most part, but if you want to know: ss.str(""); will clear the stream.
  3. We (25-30 year olds an up) are in an extremely unique position in that we played games as they developed; went from one button controllers (Atari) to the 3 joystick 12 button things we have today. We played game that absolutely required manuals...now we have downloadable games with hardly a read-me included. (I have fond memories of the paragraph book from wasteland, and the ultima manuals.)We played games as they went from no HUD at all to what we have today. We also played games with no internet, no community..now even single player games need a community with a forum to even be taken seriously. Ever element of game design we have seen added piece by piece as games advanced- like one giant tutorial for the complexity of today's games. It is very hard sometimes to see games as others do. What is intuitive to us may be cryptic to some one else, and designers need to take all players into account. I do find it sad that people will no longer explore a game (not the game world), but ask for help first, and it is sad that "Quest helper" is the most popular WoW ad-on, that some one will just drop a game if they don't get it in 5 min. But this is just how it is.
  4. vs322

    XNA Hide.Cursor() delay

    You are doing this check and calling the respective Cursor.hide/show every frame? You should probable make this an event of some kind, or just do the call when the variable is not equal to what it was in the last frame. If your "Fixed" code is being called every frame it would just turn the cursor on and off every other frame.
  5. vs322

    ID3DXFont really rubbish quality

    Wouldn't have thought it was true, but: The font looks just fine with a dark BG and light text, but it looks almost identical to AshleysBrain's rubbish original.
  6. vs322

    ID3DXFont really rubbish quality

    I had the same problem a bit back and evil steeve was right on the money then. I had a windowed app and the client area and the back buffer were not the same. I have seen this problem pop up on other forums as well and it was in fact a linear filtering issue. And for my own use ID3DXFont HAS NOT looked like crap for me any other time. Oh well GL - I'll take a look at your project to see if I can spot anything.
  7. Just a small fyi: un initialized variables are actually zeroed out in debug mode, but just a random chunk of memory in release mode. (zeroed out may not be the right term, but it is close enough.)
  8. vs322

    drawing lines

    DrawSubset is actually just calling DrawIndexedPrimitive method, using the D3DPT_TRIANGLELIST option. So lines are out.
  9. vs322

    Authoring tools

    When I'm working up combat equations / dmg etc. I use excel. I will have the stats of various attackers and various defenders/targets. Then when I write up an equation I can copy paste it and see how it works with a large combination of character stat sets immediately. Honestly excel (and I assume OO's spreadsheet) is great for making up game rules. It even has a random number generator built in so you can test out some combat right there. And if this is really an actual pen and paper game why do you need the Adobe stuff at all?
  10. vs322

    Programming Edutainment

    not "coding" but it has some programing ideas: light-bot.
  11. Quote:Original post by dMaze149 I don't want to open new topic, so: Ahh... I would open a new topic. As you comment has almost nothing to do with this topic.
  12. Tortoise SVN here too. Easy to set up, but can vary rarely make win explore hang for a few seconds.
  13. vs322

    Making Turn Based games less boring.

    About simultaneous turns: How will you deal with actual people shooting at each other? Will they shoot at where their target was last turn / where it is in real time? Will it also be a sort of who shoots first wins as a dead person can't shoot back?
  14. Just a quick comment about your coding style, why are you calling this-> every time? the "this" key word is totally unnecessary. Maybe your doing it to take advantage of intellencence(sp)?
  15. vs322

    Instant on *nix distro

    Sounds like you have played around with some other distros some so I'll go ahead and recomend Gentoo. It (when built right) is blazing fast / start-up / running / whatever. BUT it dose take alot of time to get everything working right. And if you really want a Gui you'll have to make some more choices. My linux box runs Gentoo with fluxbox and boot time / speed has never been anything but stellar. EDIT: I have set up a usb-drive running gentoo, and a big tip: use root-delay 10 in the grub set up. (for some reason this info wasn't readaly given on all the usb-booting linux forums / guides I found at the time)
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