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  1. Jaap1978

    Raven Music Group

    Hello, I want to introduce to you the Raven Music Group – a boutique music production company with a focus on video game music. We provide the following services: Direct licensing (all music is cleared) Custom music scoring Game trailer music Sound Design Audio implementation (Fmod, Wwise, Unreal, Unity) Full Game Audio Service (complete audio design package, including implementation) Our catalogue with music available for direct licensing can be found at: We have licensing prices for all types of projects and our catalogue is expanding every day. For custom scoring and full game audio services we have an international roster of composers, sound designers and engineers who can be of immediate service for your project. Our team has a wide area of expertise and have worked with clients/projects and people such as Blizzard Entertainment, The Hobbit movies, Junkie XL, Disney and many more. A demo reel with a small selection of the works of our composers can be found at: We strive to work with every budget. You set the terms and budget and we will do our best to make it happen. There is a no cure no pay option. You provide us with the needs and timeframe for your project (and we will be happy to sign a NDA). We will set this out amongst our team members. You will receive a series of options with tracks (and/or sounds). If you are happy with them, we have a deal. And if it is not what you are looking for then we continue in our search or you can be free to leave it at this point without any obligations. Contact us at for any of your inquiries. Thank you for your time and looking forward to establish a potential business together. Best regards, Jaap Visser Raven Music Group
  2. Hello everyone, Just wanted to post a quick "hello" again. I have been an active member on this board many moons ago and I see one of my topics is still a sticky here! I am thinking after some years of absence to enter the game industry again and so nice to see how much has changed here and that our lovely Nathan is moderator here! Well anyway, a lot of catching up to do here and and hopefully I can contribute again in the future. Talk soon and cheers, Jaap
  3. Jaap1978

    Where to start ?

    Limit yourself first and then build up step by step to expand your needs. If you start small you will discover what you are missing and what you need and the will lead you easier into the direction you want then digging in all at once. My advise would be to start with a sequencer like Sonar or Cubase since it can handle both audio and midi and notating (though making a full realistic orchestral score is a bit more difficult, but I doubt if that is your plan for now) and if you go for example with Sonar (version 8 just released) you get already a nice set of sounds with it and already some really nice plugings for audio editting. In the sonar package you will find all kinds of synths going from simple orchestral and band sounds sets till good synths to start making techno, trance etc. Based on what you discover in using a sequencer like this you can expand later with all kinds of libraries and soft synths and/or other audio programs. I am mentioning Sonar since I use it myself and I don't know what synths come with Cubase, but be sure to check it out as well. Also Sonar has a demo version available. Take it step by step. Learn to listen to your needs (musically) and then build up from there. We can give all sorts of advise that can cost you thousands of dollars :P but in the end you know what you want and if you are more sure about where you want to go with your music then let us know and we can help you out in advising on the next step. Enjoy :D
  4. Jaap1978

    skilled composer is looking for projects

    Hi Toxu, You might want to PM a mod (nmadsen for example) to ask if they can move your topic to the help wanted section. You will have more exposure there and we are allowed to advertise our services in that section. The music section is less visited by devs etc so harder to get the right people (well you get musicians to your website :P) to your website. Good luck!
  5. When you sell your sounds or music as non-exclusive then make always sure that you set a fixed term in time. For example I sell a lot of sounds and music as library music and sound effects and I always (or the company, depends which library) sets an fixed amount of time that the music or sound can be licensed. As soon as the license expires you can offer your music or sound as exclusive buyout if needed, but only after the license expired of course. I had this a couple of times before that some of my sounds where requested to be bought exclusively as buyout through Sound Dogs and one time a sound was still licensed for 3 months. As soon as the license ended (3 days ago, wee ^^) the company could buy it out.
  6. Jaap1978

    Game audio articles

    Thanks Nathan :) Will update it soon again with some new articles.
  7. Jaap1978

    Start-Up Costs

    The packages Nathan suggested are great. I own them both now and can't live without them. I had for a long time only the waves gold bundle (which is painfully expensive for a starting studio and if you emptied your wallet, you are going to empty your brain of frustration with the registration :P, but if that has all passed, you'll notice it is really worth the money and trouble). Nathan suggested me on yahoo one time the GRM tools and I purchased them recently and they are AWESOME :) The waves bundle is great for mixing, mastering and also for some sound tweaking aspects in your sound designs, but the GRM tools really shiver on this point. You can do amazing things with it and manipulate sounds beyond believe. The descriptions of the tools does not describe enough the enormous complexity that is behind it. For sound libraries: The East West libraries are amazing. They have indeed some really good bundles which can give you for a nice price a very stable and well covered set. For example they have the composers bundle and it covers a large orchestra, choir, rare instruments (great :P) and piano. It could be that the bundles have been slightly adjusted after they went into their new sampler PLAY, I haven't checked out, but for sure similar bundles are there. East West really knows very well what the customers wants and I have hardly seen such complete packages as theirs. The valua for money is great since you have different options with the orchestra library: Silver Complete: lowest priced and less extensive library Gold Complete: mid prices and full library with all articulations, but only in 16 bit and with 1 mic position Platinum: highest priced and same sample set as Gold, but then with 16 and 24 bit samples + 3 different mic positions. I am still working with gold and I love it. If you want to spend more money you can always decide to upgrade to Platinum for the different mic positions or extend your libraries with other products such as VSL, Sonic Implants etc. They blend very well in the mixes with other libraries.
  8. Jaap1978

    Colleges for composing/audio production

    Hi Trevor, I think you should check with yourself what your goals are and what you want to learn in the upcoming years: Questions like: - improve composing - developping sound design skills - learning to work with studio equipment etc etc Based on the outcome I think you should check which education would fit your needs. I did 3 major studies at the same time and having a master in classical composition, sonology and musicology. At the time I started to study I really was focussing on entering the world as classical composer and my first years I worked mainly in the avantgarde contemporary music scene. I realised this was not the world I wanted to enter and I decided 2 years ago that I wanted to focus on the film and even more game audio world since it would combine much more my interests in working with groups of people, working with technology etc. My education however provided me with a rock solid background and due to having an extended education like I had I did not had to worry about my music skills. However for all the other stuff I had to start from scratch (like studio techniques, sampling etc. - heck I wrote with pen and paper till 2 years ago :P). I think if you asked me now what I would study if I knew that I would enter the game world directly I think I would answer that I would change the studies since I am missing now some basics for the game audio world like networking during your study, study projects etc which I would like to have done. On the other hand my current background provides me a lot of backup and I can live fully from my music work since I have a large background and I teach, give masterclasses, orchestrate, write children songs, making theatre music etc beside my game work to keep cash flow alive. I hope this helps a bit in getting your thoughts organised and therefore making your choise :) 19 is a good age to start. I was 19 when I started to study and graduated my last master degree at the age of 25. Good luck!
  9. Jaap1978

    Sound Design and C++

    It is very nice to have a good programming background if you want to enter the world of sound design. A lot of middleware is using c++ or similar language and it helps you certainly going if you know who to program audio. For a company it saves time, resources and energy if the sound designer/composer knows how to communicate with the programming team when it comes to audio implementation. Budgets are getting more tight and time often more limited. Some good programs to look into that are used for audio implementation: OpenAl (free), Fmod, Wwise, Miles, Xact and it's worth as well to look into the unreal editor. Most of the middleware such as Fmod and Wwise you can download for free to check out at your system (you have to pay for different types of licenses). Some good read about audio middleware: Article: part 1 Article: part 2 Article: part 3
  10. Jaap1978

    Iron Composer

    Wow congratulations Nathan! Well deserved and must be a good good reward for all the hard work :D
  11. Jaap1978

    3 new royalty free music packages available

    A little update: The first of a serie of royalty free sound design packages is now available at: Webshop Jaap Visser Music Productions This is 30 Fantasy sound effect package. In the upcoming weeks I will add the following packages: 30 Action sound effects package 30 Science Fiction sound effects package 30 RTS sound effects package and as well a serie of voice over recordings for action, rpg, adventure and rts type of games I only update now and I won't bump this topic with every package that I am going to add in the next weeks, but I wanted to give a short notify that the sound effects packages are on their way. Feel free to mail me, PM or leave a reply here with any concerns or questions. Thanks again!
  12. Jaap Visser Music Productions has 3 new royalty free music packages for sale. Each package contains 10 compositions with a total lenght of around 15 minutes. There are 3 packages: 1: Action Music Package - suitable for a FPS, RTS, action adventure 2: Adventure Music Package - suitable for adventure, arcade games, RTS or RPG 3: Ambient Music Package - a variety of world and ambient music - suitable for all kinds of games. The price for a package is $99,95 The packages can be found at the webshop of Jaap Visser Music Productions at: Webshop Jaap Visser Music Productions In the following weeks I will also release sound effects packages. I have you have any questions about the music packages or for the upcoming sound effects packages then feel free to e-mail me at or drop me a PM here. Thanks, [Edited by - Jaap1978 on September 13, 2008 12:24:51 PM]
  13. Fantastic topic Nathan and this deserves a bump to be read again :) I will soon post also some thoughts if that could help :)
  14. Jaap1978

    What is the best music softtware for my needs?

    That is a good suggestion from Brain. I missed that in his post...(just got back from a studio job and not reading well. Sorry!) How is overture for running other vst instruments and working with audio?
  15. Jaap1978

    What is the best music softtware for my needs?

    1: You have to look for a sequencer. There are several options and most of them are mainly equal. You can pick the one you like. A few options are: Cubase, Sonar Cakewalk, Ableton, Fruity Loops. Most of them have trial versions so you can check what you like 2: You can do that as well with the sequencer since it can handle both midi and audio. 3: There are a large variety of libraries and going from normal price till very expensive. A good serie of affordable libraries are products from East West Quantum Leaps, Miroslav or Kirk Hunter.
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