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  1. Some older gamedev members and myself put together an entry for the OUYA game jam called MECH SQUAD.  It is a 3d, first-person, cockpit-view mech game set in the not-so-distant future where mechs are beginning to be used as the primary weapon in large combat operations.   This is just an early demo put together for the contest, and it only features the most basic of what we are going to do.  If you have any suggestions, then feel free to make them.
  2. With a team like you describe, you would have to make a really good game to profit off of it to any extent. Also, games can be hit or miss. You may make a good amount on one game only to make zero on the next one. Big payouts take quite a bit of risk and time you will never get back. Low risk games (stuff that already sales) can have moderate sales, but they will never make you rich. Game development for most developers is just extra income. Few are highly successful.
  3. Royalty Question

    You would be better off just writing a book yourself and self-publishing. I wouldn't deal with anybody who offers royalties. Content creators should get paid for the work they do. If they don't have the money to pay for the work, then it is likely not worth your time. Especially since they are asking for the copyrights to the material. You should never hand over copyrights unless you get paid handsomely for it. Copyrights last your entire life and years after you die. If anything, just offer them some sort of license to use it in the game. I must say that I am always amazed how some people tend to get artists and writers on board to do a project based on royalties when they have no completed projects. I actually have commercial games I sell, and I have trouble finding people to do work for me for money.
  4. If you could program this yourself, then you would likely be looking at a cost of anywhere between $3000-$10,000 to produce the game you are describing. The art content prices will fluctuate based on quality and who is doing it. Though, you will also need music and perhaps some writing too. With programming costs, you are likely looking at up to $25,000 for the entire project. What you describe could take anywhere between 3 and 6 months to program. How much you spend really depends on how much the programmer is willing to do the project for. You cannot find a low quality programmer to do such a project though. It won't get done. You need to find someone who has already completed a game or plenty of demos. You can certainly save yourself some costs by designing EVERYTHING up front. That way, the programmer can just implement the game in a hard coded way which would be much faster. Although $25,000 sounds like a lot, if you treat it as an investment and have the money to lay down on it, then you can certainly make your money back and then some over the long term. Well, if your game is good enough that is.
  5. Android 3d engines

    I just wrote my own 3d engine for Deadly Dungeons. It was actually fairly easy to do. If you are creating something relatively simple, then I doubt you will run into too much trouble. In fact, you may want to limit yourself to something simple since there are plenty of limitations with Android. Since you likely haven't done much 3d stuff yet, you may want to create your demos on the PC. You will likely find more resources and have an easier time versus doing it on Android.
  6. I have release Deadly Dungeons to the Android Marketplace. It will also be available at the Amazon App Store. There is a Full version and Lite version available.
  7. Deadly Dungeons Android RPG Released!

    [quote name='SriLumpa' timestamp='1303327836' post='4800898'] Hi. Isn't there some free limited version ? [/quote] I uploaded a Lite version to the Android Marketplace yesterday. Marketplace page: [url=""]Deadly Dungeons Lite[/url] Here is the QR code: [img][/img]
  8. After a year of development I am finally done with my first RPG game. If you have an Android-based phone, check it out. [b]Deadly Dungeons[/b] is an [b]Android RPG[/b] developed for the Android platform. The game is influenced in part by classic dungeon crawler games such as Dungeon Hack, Eye of the Beholder, and Nethack. After being separated from your adventuring party, you must navigate a deadly dungeon, and fight your way through hordes of creatures in a desperate attempt to escape alive. What first begins as a simple escape to the surface turns into a fight for survival, a confrontation with an ancient evil, and a descent to hell itself. [list][*]Massive and deadly dungeon environments to adventurer through.[*]Randomly generated dungeon levels, creatures, and items.[*]Multiple campaign difficulty levels with more powerful creatures and items.[*]First-person dungeon crawling rendered using OpenGL ES.[*]Touch-based interface.[/list]Visit [url=""][/url] for more information. Or scan the following QR code with your Android device: [img][/img]
  9. Trying to finish the next beta of Deadly Dungeons for Android
  10. I am getting close to being done with the initial version of the Android RPG Deadly Dungeons. I have finished the design of leveling up for the skills, abilities, and spells. There will be 32 in total. If you want to read some more about it then visit the website. I'm posting the talents here for you to look over. If you have any ideas for extra skills, abilities, or spells, then please share them. Weapons ---------------------------------------------- Staff Magic enhancements added per level level 1 - Magic Stats * 1.5 level 2 - Magic Stats * 2 level 3 - Magic Stats * 2.5 Sword Damage enhancements added per level level 1 - Damage + 10% level 2 - Damage + 20% level 3 - Damage + 30% Axe Damage enhancements added per level level 1 - Damage + 10% level 2 - Damage + 20% level 3 - Damage + 30% Bow Armor piercing enhancements added per level level 1 - Pierce + 5% level 2 - Pierce + 10% level 3 - Pierce + 15% Armor ---------------------------------------------- Cloth Magic enhancements added per level level 1 - Magic Stats * 1.5 level 2 - Magic Stats * 2 level 3 - Magic Stats * 2.5 Leather Agility enhancements added per level level 1 - Agility Stats * 1.5 level 2 - Agility Stats * 2 level 3 - Agility Stats * 2.5 Scale Magic Defense enhancements per level level 1 - Magic Defense + 10% level 2 - Magic Defense + 20% level 3 - Magic Defense + 30% Plate Physical Defense enhancements per level level 1 - Physical Defense + 10% level 2 - Physical Defense + 20% level 3 - Physical Defense + 30% Fighting ---------------------------------------------- Berserk Increases physical damage but reduces health (Cost 5% health per second) level 1 - 15% damage increase with melee level 2 - 30% damage increase with melee level 3 - 45% damage increase with melee Holy Strike Massive attack (Cost 100% mana, must be full) level 1 - 50% damage increase with melee level 2 - 100% damage increase with melee level 3 - 150% damage increase with melee Multi Shot Shoot multiple arrows at once level 1 - 2 arrows on a single target level 2 - 2 arrows on target 1 arrow on other occupying tile level 3 - 2 arrows on target 2 arrows on other occupying tile Shield Wall Increases Defense of Shields level 1 - 50% shield defense increase level 2 - 100% shield defense increase level 3 - 150% shield defense increase Health ---------------------------------------------- Health Potion Increase health potion effectiveness level 1 - HP + 20% level 2 - HP + 40% level 3 - HP + 60% Mana Potion Increase mana potion effectiveness level 1 - Mana + 20% level 2 - Mana + 40% level 3 - Mana + 60% Health Regeneration Natural health regeneration level 1 - 1% per 2 sec level 2 - 2% per 2 sec level 3 - 3% per 2 sec Mana Regeneration Natural mana regeneration level 1 - 1% Mana per 2 sec level 2 - 2% Mana per 2 sec level 3 - 3% Mana per 2 sec Healing Spells ---------------------------------------------- Lay Hands One off healing that drains all mana (Must have at least 50% total mana) level 1 - 25% of health restored level 2 - 50% of health restored level 3 - 75% of health restored Mend Wounds Healing spell (Cost = level * 4) level 1 - level + 1 hp per magic stat level 2 - level + 2 hp per magic stat level 3 - level + 3 hp per magic stat Growth Regeneration spell (Cost = level * 4) level 1 - 2 hp per magic over 10 sec level 2 - 3 hp per magic over 10 sec level 3 - 4 hp per magic over 10 sec Miracle Removes status effects (Cost = level * 4) level 1 - 20% chance to remove level 2 - 40% chance to remove level 3 - 60% chance to remove Fire Spells ---------------------------------------------- Fire Arrow Direct damage fire attack (Cost = level * 4) level 1 - damage = magic level 2 - damage = 1.5 * magic level 3 - damage = 2.0 * magic Fireball Projectile damages all creatures in single tile (Cost = level * 6) level 1 - damage = magic level 2 - damage = 1.5 * magic level 3 - damage = 2.0 * magic Circle of Flame Creatures in adjacent tiles take damage, active until canceled or out of mana (Cost = level per 3 sec) level 1 - damage = magic * 0.25 every 3 sec level 2 - damage = magic * 0.5 every 3 sec level 3 - damage = magic * 0.75 every 3 sec Blast Creatures in adjacent tiles take damage, one hit spell (Cost = level * 4) level 1 - damage = magic * 0.25 level 2 - damage = magic * 0.5 level 3 - damage = magic * 0.75 Ice Spells ---------------------------------------------- Ice Bolt Direct damage ice attack (Cost = level * 4) level 1 - damage = magic * 0.5 + 10% chance to slow level 2 - damage = magic + 20% chance to slow level 3 - damage = magic * 1.5 + 30% chance to slow Blizzard Creatures in adjacent tiles take damage, active until canceled or out of mana (Cost = level per 3 sec) level 1 - damage = magic * 0.25 every 5 sec + 5% chance to slow level 2 - damage = magic * 0.5 every 5 sec + 10% chance to slow level 3 - damage = magic * 0.75 every 5 sec + 15% chance to slow Frozen Armor Armor of ice that reduces damage and freezes enemies that attack near player (Cost = level per 5 sec) level 1 - reduce damage by 10% + 2% chance to freeze level 2 - reduce damage by 20% + 4% chance to freeze level 3 - reduce damage by 30% + 8% chance to freeze Frost Slows adjacent creatures (Cost = level * 5) level 1 - 25% chance to slow level 2 - 50% chance to slow level 3 - 75% chance to slow Lightning Spells ---------------------------------------------- Lightning Arc Direct damage lightning attack (Cost = level * 5) level 1 - damage = magic + 0.25 to enemy in same tile level 2 - damage = magic * 1.5 + 0.25 to enemy in same tile level 3 - damage = magic * 2.0 + 0.25 to enemy in same tile Electrocute Direct damage percentage lightning attack (Requires level * 8 mana and drains all mana) level 1 - reduce creature to 90% level 2 - reduce creature to 75% level 3 - reduce creature to 60% Charge Next spell deals increased damage (Cost = level * 4) level 1 - increase by 50% level 2 - increase by 100% level 3 - increase by 150% Overload Small area of effect damage with chance to stun (Cost = level * 4) level 1 - damage = magic * 0.1 + 20% chance to stun level 2 - damage = magic * 0.2 + 40% chance to stun level 3 - damage = magic * 0.3 + 60% chance to stun
  11. The Android RPG that I have been working on, Deadly Dungeons, will soon be in beta. If you have an Android phone and would like to test out the app, then please email to sign up. Once beta starts, you will be emailed the game with instructions on how to install it. You can also play it via Google's Android Emulator. Though, performance on the emulator isn't too good.
  12. Creature Combat

    I have added a news item about the Android RPG / Dungeon Crawler I am working on at the game's website Deadly Dungeons. Here is the intro... Quote: Deadly Dungeons will have a large number of creatures with their own attacks and traits. Knowledge of these creatures will be important in understanding their abilities and the threat they impose. As players gain in level and play higher difficulty levels, they will be met with increasingly difficult creatures that do more than just hit harder. I am currently working with neveza. He has played several games that are similar to the one I am developing. He has designed a majority of the combat system and has come up with some fairly interesting creature attacks. The way creature levels are set up, certain creature types will become more or less difficult based on their species. The species of the creature determines special attacks and attributes. One thing I've noticed while developing this game is that the more things I add, the more things I think I need to make the game better. I decided to make the cut-off date on development sometime around Fall 2010. Given Android's distribution model, I think it would be possible to release the game once I feel it is fun and stable. Then, I can use player feedback to enhance the game with new features.
  13. Deadly Dungeons for Android

    This game is for Android phones. After the initial release, I will develop an expansion for the game that completes the storyline. That will be offered as an update and be freely available to those who have purchased the game. Once I release the expansion and feel the game is balanced and well-polished, I will likely port it to other platforms such as the iPhone.
  14. It has been a while since I gave an update on the Android dungeon crawler I have been programming. I have made good progress so far. I can generate levels with doors, creatures, and items. Levels are randomized with various decorations and texturing. There is also an inventory, mini map, and large map implemented. Here is a Youtube video showing me walking around a cavern level killing helpless creatures: Deadly Dungeons on Youtube Here are some screenshots of the current progress:
  15. Why are Singletons so Complex?

    Quote:Original post by X Abstract X Quote:Original post by Wavarian But if you don't know what a singleton is or how it works you probably don't need one. Well, I need to write a console sort of feature to report errors and other events for my entire application. Is this a good candidate? There is an output stream already available in C++ that you can use for logging. Look into std::clog. You can connect its output to the console, a file, or any other output stream.