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  1. Something for XNA / C# would be best, but I'm mostly just looking for some logic concepts so anything would be fine (except for Flash or Game Maker or something, obviously). Something along the lines of the original Super Mario Bros on NES is what I'm looking for.
  2. chefgon_ign

    PlayStation 3: Untapped Potential?

    And two days later, Sony announces the $100 price drop. Bad timing, dude.
  3. chefgon_ign

    Animating to a Sine Wave?

    I have a part in my program that shows water moving up and down. Right now it just goes straight up, then straight down, with no change in speed. Is it possible to use a Sine Wave calculation to give the water some more realistic movement? I'm programming in C#.
  4. I don't understand all these posts claiming that C++ is a horrible language to start with. Yes, C++ does get extremely complicated with advanced topics but when you're first starting out its not any more complicated than anything else. In fact, I think its a lot easier to learn for a beginner because it doesn't force objects on you from the beginning like Java and C# do.
  5. chefgon_ign

    Knights Mania! - Free puzzle game

    Its actually a really cool idea, but its so impossibly difficult that I just kind of stared at it for five minutes trying to figure out where to start, then I quit without making any moves. Is there any way to get to "really really easy" mode? Maybe a few beginning levels that are completely obvious just to get the player acquainted with the way everything works? Jumping straight into a puzzle that appears impossible is just intimidating.
  6. chefgon_ign

    The Ultimate MMORPG idea

    Bonus points for whining about how Microsoft refused to cut you a huge contract when you sent them an email about your amazing idea. Those idiots!
  7. chefgon_ign

    testers wanted for a fun 'n' simple game

    First of all, its pretty solid. I like it overall. I do have a few little comments about it, though. 1) Why distribute as a .ace? You're only going to limit your audience by requiring a third party app to install it. I'd recommend sticking with .Zip or .Exe, even if they're not technically the most efficient at compression they are by far the most accessible. 2) In Same Game, the blocks will move to the left to fill in gaps when there is a completely empty column. This adds some extra strategy over your version which limits the player's options a little. 3) Maybe its because I'm Red/Green color blind, but the all-pastel colors for the blocks make it very difficult for me to distinguish the different colors. You've got a bunch of different tilesets, why not include at least one with darker, higher contrast colors 4) The highlight animation for the selected blocks is nice, but it would be easier to understand if the animation was synchronized on every block. On a minor note, the hover-highlight for "New Game" appears to be off by a pixel.
  8. chefgon_ign

    Looking for input on my XNA Puzzle Game

    Thanks for the reply. I will definitely compress the music a little more because I have like six more tracks to add in later. Right now I just had such a difficult time getting the music to play at all that I was more worried about just making it work than having it as efficient as possible.
  9. This is a fairly straightforward falling-block puzzle game that I've been working on for fun in my spare time. Right now its pretty basic, but I'm going to jazz it up a little bit with some special items and powerups. Before I do that, I'd like some input on the core gameplay. If you're interested at all in puzzle games, please give it a try and let me know what you think. If you have any ideas, compliments, or criticisms, post them here so I can change it up now before I get in too deep. Here are a couple of screenshots Screen 1 Screen 2 Be sure to check out the Tutorial link in the Options menu before playing for a brief explanation of the rules. Because it is an XNA game, it requires the .NET and XNA frameworks in order to run. If you don't have XNA Game Studio Express installed, you can download the XNA framework here. If it still doesn't run, try updating to the latest version of DirectX 9.0c ..almost forgot! You need a link to download the game! Download [Edited by - chefgon_ign on June 29, 2007 12:45:48 AM]
  10. chefgon_ign

    Problem with music and XACT for XNA

    Funny story. The tutorial I was following had the music starting by pressing a key. They didn't have any check to make sure the sound only starts once, so in the time it takes you to release that key the sound has started many times and is playing over itself. Thus, the echo sound. It sounds fine now.
  11. I've got a couple of WAV files for music that sound perfectly fine in Media Player, but no matter what I do they sound terrible after I send them through XACT and play them in the game. I have tried both ADPCM at various levels and regular PCM. The quality varies slightly, but they all sound awful. It is very echoy, like it was recorded in a small bathroom. Is there any way to get the music in the game to sound identical to my original WAV files?
  12. chefgon_ign

    First-person puzzle game ideas

    I'm not sure I follow what you mean. You want to make a First Person Shooter with environmental puzzles instead of shooting enemies? I've never played Portal so I'm not sure what that is.
  13. chefgon_ign

    Are achievements a bad thing?

    I have never seen a game where it appeared as though the developers just stopped making it because they figured "with the acheivements it'll be enough". Games are cut short because of budget and time constraints, not because of achievements. If the achievements weren't there, the game wouldn't be any longer, it just wouldn't have achievements.
  14. chefgon_ign

    Visual Studio 6

    Quote:Original post by nobodynews Lastly, why start with C++? My opinion would be to start with C# as you are miraculously given the chance to develop games with XNA that will be able to run on the X-Box 360. But you seem to have made up your mind so I won't push it. C# is easier to do complex stuff in, but on the flip side of that C++ is easier for simple things. "Hello World" and other beginner subjects are easier to understand in C++. You're not forced to deal with OOP like you are in C#. I would highly recommend starting with C++ for your early text-based procedural stuff, then moving to an Object Oriented language once you have the basics down.
  15. chefgon_ign

    Why can't I be the minion?

    Perfect Dark on the N64 had a multiplayer mode like this. Player one controlled the hero, while Player two controlled the random faceless one-hit-kill enemies scattered throughout the level. The biggest problem with it was that it was incredibly disorienting for player two to be switching to a new person over and over as their minions die.
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