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  1. Quote:Original post by theOcelot Either "Description" or "Prototype" works for me. To be honest, this is the first thing that popped into my mind: The universal design pattern. You'll at least find it interesting, if you can wade through it. Interesting...thanks for the link. Quote:Original post by LorenzoGatti I'd consider this a plain case of the Flyweight pattern; however, the "flyweights" are the pikemen Unit objects that reduce to position, residue hit points etc., not the shared read-only pikeman Archetype. Ah -- you may be right that I mis-identified the component that should be called the Flyweight. Thank you. What would you call the data itself, the shared read-only data, as you put it? This is the name I'm stuck on in my code, after a couple hours yesterday of brainstorming. Loading game object properties from a file seems like a frequent-enough practice that there ought to be a general name for the loaded data. In a previous program I called it "TypeInfo," the types being Archer, Pikeman, etc., but I'm not really happy with that.
  2. Starting with an example: your RTS has a Unit class. A text file describes the properties of different units, e.g: Pikeman health: 10 speed: 5 Archer health: 10 speed: 7 Instead of subclassing Unit, you provide each Unit object with a reference to a Description object. Each Description is a Flyweight: there is one Description object holding the const data universal to all pikemen, and every Unit that is a pikeman holds a pointer to that Description. What do you call the "Description" class? It's not just a Flyweight: the key thing I want to capture is that this is a way of implementing data-driven properties for a kind of something. I've considered other names: each Unit gets an "Archetype," or a "Template," or "Prototype," but all of those are the names for other patterns. I am often in this situation, whether it be units, buildings, items, etc. I always need to get the master "info" or the "blueprint" or the "description." Any suggestions?
  3. Sol Blue

    Chipmunk physics orbiting

    I imagine you could do this using simple Newtonian physics. Take the basic F=ma and the like and add in Newtonian gravity.
  4. Sol Blue

    Coding a robust trigger system

    Yup, I'd go with haegarr here. An event system can be extremely simple (an hour of work at most), but gives you exactly the kind of flexibility you need here.
  5. Sol Blue

    Adjusting Velocity / Position for Rotating Platforms

    If you set the player's velocity to that of the platform, what happens when the player moves left or right? How do you modify his velocity? One thing I've done in the past is to maintain two velocities for the player: the velocity due to his own efforts, and the velocity caused by external forces. At the end of each frame, to know how much to move the player, I add these velocities. Note, though, that the two independent velocities are preserved from frame to frame. Does that make sense?
  6. Sol Blue

    Freaks and Geeks

    I had heard this was good. Hulu doesn't have it, though. :(
  7. Sol Blue

    Help me name my MIPS simulator

    Quote:Original post by brandonman Go GNU style: MIM - MIM isn't MIPS. :D Lol — this is actually quite true, since I'm only implementing a subset of a proper MIPS architecture...:) I should say, I particularly like this one: Quote:Original post by nerd_boy MIPS Instance or Instant Playground Simulation or Simulator Am I awesome or am I awesome? Unfortunately, I can't think of how anyone would google my project. :D
  8. Sol Blue

    What math is necessary?

    Quote:Original post by Nikko_Bertoa I agree with burnthepc. The book Programming Game AI By Example has a chapter that explains the math used in the book. The author teaches you algebra and physics. A good book about math for games is Essential Mathematics for Games and Interactive Applications: A Programmer's Guide I have both of those, and can vouch for them being good books. The first one is awesome, especially.
  9. Sol Blue

    Help me name my MIPS simulator

    Wow, thanks for all the suggestions! I can't decide which I like best; I laughed at a lot of them. I'll make a post somewhere here when I've got the thing up and running.
  10. Sol Blue

    Need to be pointed in the right direction.

    SDL is a nice library. It's fairly simple, and handles basic graphics, sound, and I/O. Definitely check that one out. Do you want to make a 2D or 3D game?
  11. Sol Blue

    Help me name my MIPS simulator

    Thanks for the advice, Programmer One. I suppose I should say I'm creating a MIPS-like simulator — it uses the instruction set and some of the basic architecture, but doesn't try to reproduce all of the details. I've actually got the CPU bit of it all done, plus basic I/O; I just want to expand it with peripherals. (I used SPIM a couple years ago in college; I hear that class is now using MARS.) Thanks for the name suggestions, all! Kaptain, what would TIPS stand for?
  12. Sol Blue

    Home Page

    Quote:Original post by Codeka Mine's this. I just checked, and yes, that's mine too. It's what I used for years before Firefox and tabs...I couldn't standing having an entire web page load.
  13. Sol Blue

    Need to be pointed in the right direction.

    If you're thinking of writing your own game, which it sounds like you are, a first step would be to decide how you're going to handle the harder parts of the code, e.g., graphics, sound, etc. Will you use a library? If so, start researching libraries before you begin coding.
  14. Using a bow or crossbow could force you to walk, or maybe they're just hugely inaccurate when running. This would give the melee users a chance to catch up. Or, give the melee users a speed burst ability, a net to slow down an archer, or something similar.
  15. Sol Blue

    Home Page

    I think you're talking about AdBlock Plus. The only caveat with that is sometimes you'll be turning it on and off to get (legitimate) content on certain websites to work properly. To just solve that one problem, you might find it just as annoying as the ads.
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