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    Selling ORPG/MMORPG (Source)

    I will be posting screenshots shortly, might even upload the client and run the server for a week or so.
  2. I am selling the source code to a 2D Graphical Java Online Roll Playing Game. The game was originally coded by a friend of mine, who handed his work over to me when he quit. I have since added a bit to the game, and have done a total source code re factorization. The game is not complete, I have run out of time and can no longer afford to pay my best friend, the other programmer. Features: - Stable Network - Incomplete Information Database - Encrypted images & maps - Swing Interface - Base of Non-Interactive NPCs (incomplete) - Chat System - User Rights (Admin, Mod, User) - Incomplete Set of Development Tools (will send complete set when finished) - Heavily commented source Also Included: [The source to my unimplemented work] - Reconstruction of Game Menu - GUI base (drawing on canvas) - Music Tests Necessary (Will do some of this for an additional fee): - Artificial Intelligence - Items - Reconstruct Mapping Program and Map Handler to load multi-layered maps - GUI - Recode chunks of the Network --- I currently have alot of things that can be a security breach easily accessible client side = Additional Information= Payment Method - MoneyBookers or PayPal Price: --- $10 / copy (License Agreement I) --- $20 / copy (License Agreement II) --- $50 / copy (License Agreement III) [Prices can be haggled, depending on future plans] License Agreement I - You gain full rights to the source code, the artwork (images) may not be used in any public releases. The game must be kept free for everybody, but remains closed source. License Agreement II - You gain full rights to the source code, the artwork (images) may not be used in any public releases. Copies of the game (not source code) may be sold. License Agreement III - You gain full rights to everything, including the images. You may sell copies of the game and of the source code. To test the game or see screen shots, email me at spikesofchrist@gmail.com (I may set up a site to test the game at in the near future) [Edited by - Spikes on May 21, 2007 7:05:48 PM]
  3. Spikes

    MMORPG Ideas

    I plan on implementing all of these ideas in the MMORPG I am developing, this is mainly for feedback: - Upon combat the camera changes from 3rd person to first person (not sure if this will be optional/toggle-able) - Wound system, if you don't heal within x amount of time your life starts to drain Please add some ideas, the game is going to be open source so I will be sure to comment (in the code), if the idea is unique, your name.
  4. Spikes

    Try to compile quake1 source.

    I've never worked with Quake 1, I am pretty big on Quake 2 though. I am not sure about this or not, but judging by the original source release of quake 2 the source would only compile properly under QuakeC; otherwise it would need porting. I honestly can't see why you would opt to use the quake 1 engine over quake 2 or even quake 3's, but you can try to ask the guys at www.quakesrc.org for some help.
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