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  1. Hello, Try on another computer to check it's not an hardware problem. If not, check for memory problem in your code. good luck !
  2. Quote:Original post by srikanthpv 1. Write a function that given a string of digits and a target value, prints where to put +'s and *'s between the digits so they combine exactly to the target value. Note there may be more than one answer, it doesn't matter which one you print. Examples: "1231231234",11353 -> "12*3+1+23*123*4" "3456237490",1185 -> "3*4*56+2+3*7+490" "3456237490",9191 -> "no solution" I hate this kind of questions, last year i got a game interview where they gave me 1 hour to answer a bunch of question like this... I answer as fast as possible to their questions (15minutes)... maybe not everything right... but i prefer a good conversation....
  3. cbastien

    Contract Problems

    Quote:Original post by WanMaster Hm, sounds a bit dodgy to me. I can understand they want to be sure you will deliver a complete game on time. But the fact that failure to do so will result in the transfer of all the rights? I've never heard of such a construction. Anyway, you will need to get hold of the contract, even if it's still a draft. You also need to establish what constitutes a 'finished game'. And most importantly, ask advice from a legal professional, such as a lawyer. That's a really important point. It will be too easy for them to found a bug in your game and then say it's not finish in time and get your game for free !
  4. cbastien

    Keeping The Text On The Screen?

    Quote:Original post by Shadowwoelf Why not draw everything then draw your hud? that way the hud will always be where you are facing. Right, Don't switch from 3d projection to 2d projection and vice versa 10 times per frame... Draw all your HUD in one time.
  5. cbastien

    Keeping The Text On The Screen?

    Hi, I'm not a specialist but an easy way would be to change the projection Something like : GLPushMatrix(); gluOrtho2D(-50,50,-50,50); printText("toto") GlPopMatrix();
  6. cbastien

    Sphere Math

    a really good link to help you to make a sphere: it explains you how to : - create a sphere - create a subset of a sphere - texture it - etc... seb.
  7. Quote:Original post by frob [caution] CAUTION! [caution] CUIDADO! [caution] ACHTUNG! [caution] It is a common practice (of bad companies) to employ people before they graduate on terms that make it difficult to complete their degree. They won't pay as much, and they know you can't move to another company as easily without a degree. Don't quit your degree program just because you found a job. Finish your degree. If that means putting off your game job until after getting your degree, then so be it. You will not regret that decision a decade from now. You will earn more over your entire career, you will be more employable, you can move more easily up the career ladder, and you will not regret it. very good advice ! Quote:Original post by CodeLuggage To me, it seems nigh impossible to actually get a job as a developer in this country, and I wasn't even sure I'd ever be given the opporunity in the first place. Don't be shy to move in another city/country.
  8. cbastien

    Yet Another Space Shooter - Techdemo 3 Released

    Nice screenshots, but i have difficulties to see where things are... some shadows are missing i think. Good luck to finish your game!
  9. cbastien

    100 boxes at 50fps?

    I made few shaders in cg and the only way i got to check if the shader was rendered in software or in hardware was to check an anormal increase of cpu usage. sorry i can't help you more than that in this subject :(
  10. cbastien

    100 boxes at 50fps?

    Quote:Original post by Eternal Quote:Original post by Dragon_Strike ive done "normal" profiling and havent found anything weird... also cpu usage is at 50%... so its clearly gpu related... With a dual-core that would mean that 1 core is running at 100%, so you might very well be CPU bound. Have you checked that you are actually getting HW acceleration ? (I don't know how that works with D3D and I don't know how fast it would be in software, but your performance seems to be ridiculously low.) That's true, you're CPU limited :) Check if shaders are not rendered in software. Maybe too many vertices to compute ?
  11. cbastien

    [4e6] Dungeon Pony

    And this two others features remembers me some really hard old school games. "No saves or passwords. Death in battle means game over." Good luck for finishing your game !
  12. cbastien

    [4e6] Dungeon Pony

    i will download the demo just for this feature : "Do NOT press the 'e' key. If the key that was not to be pressed was pressed, press the 'w' key." xD
  13. The radius of your circle for detection must be superior of the max distance that can move a ball. ( Sorry for my english, if a native english speaker can understand and reformulate what i said, that could be nice xD ) edit : => Really good link, there is so much good stuff in pbourke website !
  14. cbastien

    GLUT // Memory problem

    Quote:Original post by Evil Steve The Task Manager is completely useless for this sort of thing. It doesn't tell you how much memory your app is using at all. What it tells you is your applications working set size. When you free up memory using free(), delete, or whatever, it doesn't immediately get freed to the OS. the application has a cache of memory it uses, and it'll only request memory from the OS when it runs out. It won't free it back to the OS unless it has loads spare. In short: Ignore the task manager's memory usage completely - it means nothing. If you want to check for memory leaks, use something like the CRT memory tracking functions or a memory manager like mmgr. ok, i will try mmgr. Thx for your help !
  15. cbastien

    GLUT // Memory problem

    Quote:Original post by Brother Bob How do you know that those 10 MB is because of the window, and not used by application itself? You know that by starting the application and creating a window, 10 MB is used somwehere. That's two things that can use memory, but you don't know for sure it's the window. Check the usage after starting the application, but before creating the window. As you can see, creating a window adds 11 MB, and releases 1 MB when destroying it. If by just starting the application and not creating any windows you use 10 MB, you don't have any problem. i add "char c=getch();" at the beginning of the main function to look at what you said. memory usage : 391 i start the program : 392 push a key to create the window : 402 destroy the window : 401 close the program : 391 you can test it if you want.
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