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  1. MUD in C#

    Thanks for the speedy reply. I am going to look into everything you recommended.
  2. Print Screen, save it, do it again?

    Do you want the lines of code for this? (If so, what language?) Or do you want perform these actions manually?
  3. MUD in C#

    I'm attempting to program a small text MUD(multi-user dungeon), from scratch, as I've already written small games for C#, but I don't really know where to start. Basically, I want the game to played through telnet, with a C# server controlling the data sent/received. Here's a few questions I have for, anyone, that might be experienced in this field, or at least less clueless than me! :) -What would I use for the player connections? Winsock? Or does C# have something better built-in? -What is best for a character files/player database, MySql? Ini Files? Something else? -Do you know of any sites, tutorials, links, books that cover any of MUD topics or online-game programming in specific? I would be most grateful. And to prevent flames, yes, I am using Google to find these answers, but I thought, that a live person may be able to help me faster/more efficient. Thanks for your time.
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