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  1. Zanshibumi

    Google Street View WTF?

    Quote:Original post by Yann L That thing is most probably going to be illegal in Europe, because of privacy protection laws (click). This was done in Madrid, Spain in 2001 (or maybe sooner, I didn't pay much attention).
  2. Zanshibumi

    Diablo II - Quick survey, if you don't mind.

    Quote:Original post by I_Smell_Tuna I didn't read any other replies but what kind of post is this? Lol. Basically your asking if Diablo II was a completely different type of game, would you still play it. I'm sorry whats the point of this? The point is to detect what exactly was that made different people like it; to know how different it can be done without losing the public. It's quite a simple method, keep asking "Would you like it without A? Would you like it without B?", then, keep the things most people agree on and change the rest. You get a game as different as possible that still appeals to a certain type of gamer.
  3. Zanshibumi

    Brain Missing

    Brilliant. I really wasn't expecting something that good. Just a couple of comments: - Smokey's screen seems horizontally reversed. I couldn't explain why but I felt it should be left->right instead of the contrary. - After I fail the cannon shot, I can't go back to the room. I can talk and get shot again, but I'm out of the room while the camera is inside.
  4. Quote:Original post by Jason Z I haven't worked on this specific problem, but how can a semi-transparent object occlude other objects if it is semi-transparent? Enough depth of a translucent object will eventually stop light. Someone more knowledgeable in physics than me could explain that part. Anyway, what I would do is calculate for each of those objects the depth needed to completely stop light (or to an extent where you wouldn't want to paint what's underneath). Then I'd build the shape: "zones of the object where the exit of a ray coming from the camera minus the entry of such ray equals the opacity depth". However, I have no idea of how would I build such a shape. [smile]
  5. Zanshibumi

    Diablo II - Quick survey, if you don't mind.

    Quote:Original post by SymLinked Alot of people liked Diablo II. Are you one of those, and would you mind answering some simple questions? 1. - If Diablo II had been a different genre (design) like Sci-Fi or modern, would you still have played it? Yes, absolutely. Quote:Original post by SymLinked 1.1 - If so, which genre would you prefer? Excluding fantasy? hummm... hard question. The strangest the better. A dream world, some kind of strange sci-fy, cavemen, ... If I didn't think of it I'll probably like it. Quote:Original post by SymLinked 2. - Is there anything special that you can recall ontop of your head that bothered you? No. Any effort to correct something from DiabloII will probably create something that bothers me. - Adding good things (sacred, titan quest) = good. - Trying to outsmart diabloII = bad. Starcraft, Civilization, GalCiv, Pirates!; there are games so well done you can barely touch without making them worse. Quote:Original post by SymLinked 3. - Anything that you really liked? Playing it. Seriously, I can play any action rpg for a long time unless it's real crap. If it's good, I can play for months or years. Quote:Original post by SymLinked 4. - Did you play Closed No. I like to have the people I play cooperative games with in the same building. Net playing is for stranger pwning in fps, strategy, etc... Quote:Original post by SymLinked 4.1. - If not, did you play multiplayer at all? Please describe why. Yes. Ease of implementing smooth cooperation mechanisms is one of the reasons I love action rpgs. Quote:Original post by SymLinked Thanks! You're welcome.
  6. Zanshibumi

    pc turns off on boot up

    My bet's on the thermal paste between the processor and it's fan. Remove fan, put paste (more paste). 1.5$ and 5 minutes for the full experiment.
  7. Zanshibumi

    Build the game that six billion people will play

    Quote:Original post by slayemin In a world where nobody is hungry and everyone has what they want, the purpose for government is minimized... - Most people will never have everything they want. - Some people want other people, so they need to eliminate the other people's happiness to have their's. The "nobody's hungry" thing can be done though.
  8. Zanshibumi

    embedding IE in a graphics context

    I've never tried that but I'd try to instance a generic IE control, capture it's image, convert to texture and apply. The only step that I think could fail is the first. At worst you could take an open source explorer and poke it until it renders to a texture. (or does it have to be specifically IE).
  9. Zanshibumi

    Long respanwn time to encourage self-preservation?

    Quote:Original post by Iron Chef Carnage How about if you're just locked out of PvP? You can log onto the PvE server and carebear and grind and continue to train your character, but you can't push the world's boundaries and you can't contribute to your guild's reputation and might while you're "dead". I would find that ok except the part of having to log to a different server. I wouldn't mind losing the chance of entering PvP for a certain amount of time. However you'd have to find a plot way of explaining this. Maybe you like a similar idea: - Zones are owned by a faction. - Players must win/conquer a zone to be able to pass to the next. (They can only advance one zone at a time, like in strategy games). - "Dead" players can defend a war zone but can't attack. i.e.: They can be in their own zones and fight anyone who enters but they can't enter an enemy's war zone. - "Dead" status suggested duration would be an hour. That way, people will want to stay alive, they'll be able to keep playing if they die and you get a free "too fast moving frontier" balancing force.
  10. Zanshibumi

    College Algebra refresher

    Quote:Original post by bluefox25 (-x-x) squared would be ? 2x squared? for (x-3)squared: Square of a sum -x-x = 0; [edit] Yeah! I did write that! Now I'll feel stupid for about a month or so![/edit] [Edited by - Zanshibumi on June 5, 2007 6:51:37 AM]
  11. Zanshibumi

    College Algebra refresher

    Quote:Original post by bluefox25 Let see if I can get this one 4x-3y=12 4x=12+3y 4x-12=3y 4x-12 _____ = y 3 y= 4x-4 Am I right? The first step you should have followed is divide all by 3; 4x - 3y = 12 4x/3 - y = 12/3 y = 4x/3 - 4
  12. Zanshibumi

    College Algebra refresher

    Quote:Original post by bluefox25 So if x = -3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3 (-3,-2) (-2,-7/4) (-1,2/3) Come to think of it, this isn't right is it? You were doing it just right. (-3,-8/4) (-2,-7/4) (-1,-6/4) //not 2/3 ( 0,-5/4) ( 1,-4/4) ( 2,-3/4) ...
  13. Zanshibumi

    [C#] Spell Menu...

    Some other ideas: int choice = Convert.ToInt32( Console.ReadLine() ); KnownSpellList[choice].Cast(); //Being KnownSpellList a List<Spell> Which would need: interface Spell { void Cast(); } public FireBall : Spell { #region Spell Members public void Cast() { //cast a fireball } #endregion }
  14. Zanshibumi

    [C#] Spell Menu...

    Quote:Original post by violentcrayon The problem, however, comes in with the switch statement...they require constants for their case! So I can't possibly use this method. Does anyone have any suggestions for creating a menu to select which spell to cast that can change the input number depending on whether or not the spell is known? To check if the spell was known, I will simply check to see if the rank is greater than zero. Thanks for the help again! List<Spell> KnownSpellList; List<Spell> SpellList; MessageBox.Show("The selected spell is: " + SpellList[KnownSpellList[choice].Id].Name; class Spell { public int Id; public string Name; //etc... } [Edited by - Zanshibumi on June 5, 2007 3:45:17 AM]
  15. Zanshibumi

    College Algebra refresher

    Quote:Original post by bluefox25 Sou would it be y= 3x-6 or y= 6-3x It makes a difference right? -y * -1 = (6-3x) * -1 y = (6 * -1) - (3x * -1) y = (-6) - (-3x) y = -6 + 3x y = 3x-6 Introduction to algebra, simplifying equations.
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