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  1. Triangle Strip

    In DXSDK documentation microsoft offers to use triangle strips instead of lists and fans. and it says for optimal vertex cache performance, arrange strips to reuse triangle vertices sooner, rather than later. ( Direct3D 9 Graphics\Programming Guide\Programming Tips\Performance Optimizations\General Performance Tips ) and please see this article:
  2. Triangle Strip

    thank you, you saved a lot of time. I try to create a large terrain with indexed triangle lists and will post the result.
  3. Triangle Strip

    In your opinion with todays modern hardwares should we use Cache-friendly indexed triangle lists instead of indexed triangle strip for Hugues Hoppe's geoclipmap stuff? thanks in advance
  4. Triangle Strip

    Hi guys! Can anyone help me to create this patch with triangle strip? I want it for creating procedural terrain and I don't know how to handle it or start drawing it.