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  1. Basic questions....

    Yeah, DirectX is where you should start when thinking of anything at least a bit more advanced. However, if you want your first game to be a platformer, you'll encounter loads of difficulties. Best to start off with something a bit more simple like tetris.
  2. Game Programming Universities

    Hi there, Being an amateur spare-time game designer (emphasis on programming and level design), I'm willing to push this activity a few steps further by actually going for a career at it. Obviously, the first step would be studying it in a uni/college teaching that after graduating high school. I've been looking into that by simply searching for various universities that actually teach game programming and design. With a prefference for the UK, I've come across four universities that I think would suit me best (requirements not extremely high, courses being in-depth and exclusive enough). My list would be: University of Abertay Dundee (lots of good feedback on the course) University of Bradford (good feadback) University of Hull (good living conditions, decent course) Middlesex University (requirements low, course seems ok) I've also found an interesting uni in the Netherlands. The NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, which seems to have both a good course and requirements. This looking like one of the biggest gamedev communities out there, I'd like to hear any of your opinions on/experiences with those universities. Which universities in the UK/Netherlands/Europe(?) should be considered the best at teaching game programming?
  3. Saving drawn objects

    Awesome, worked like a charm. Thanks for the help. ^^
  4. Saving drawn objects

    Hey, I've been trying to make a very simple tic-tac-toe interface in an MFC dialog recently.. I'm drawing the shapes with a CClientDC object. No problems with that. Though minimizing/resizing the window makes all the shapes disappear. Now I know, that you need to draw on a bitmap to fix this, though I have no idea how to do that. Any help?
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